75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer – We Don’t Need Their Scum

Even though in recent years most sets are leaked before their official reveal, set 75356 has managed to surprise LEGO Star Wars fans after going live on LEGO.com. This slot had previously been rumored for an additional helmet set.

75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer

Build focus. Build calmness. Build one of the most powerful Imperial starships ever created: the Executor Super Star Destroyer (75356). This detailed, brick-built LEGO® Star Wars™ display model comes with 2 Star Destroyers to ‘fly’ alongside and show the huge scale of Darth Vader’s flagship from the classic Star Wars trilogy. Made for display Place the Executor Super Star Destroyer on the display stand, which has a nameplate and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary plaque. Measuring over 17 in. (43 cm) long, this starship is the perfect size to display on a desk or shelf. LEGO Builder Offering an immersive creative experience, this collectible LEGO Star Wars building set for adults makes a great treat for yourself or a gift for adult Star Wars fans and experienced LEGO builders. Find illustrated instructions in the box and download the LEGO Builder app for tools that let you zoom in and rotate builds in 3D, track progress and assist you with every step of this complex build.

    • Showcase your Imperial creativity – Build and display a highly detailed LEGO® Star Wars™ replica of Darth Vader’s Executor Super Star Destroyer (75356) from the classic Star Wars trilogy
    • 2 Star Destroyers to ‘fly’ alongside – Attach the 2 brick-built models of Star Destroyers with translucent elements to show the scale of one of the largest Imperial starships ever created
    • Designed for display – Display the Executor Super Star Destroyer on the buildable stand with a nameplate and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary plaque
    • Gift idea – Treat yourself or give this 630-piece build-and-display model as a birthday or holiday gift to another adult Star Wars™ fan or experienced LEGO® builder
    • An immersive, mindful building experience – The Executor Super Star Destroyer measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 17 in. (43 cm) long and 7 in. (18 cm) wide
    • Get the whole picture – The LEGO® Builder app offers a convenient way to store your building instructions and keep track of your builds with tools to zoom in and rotate models in 3D
    • From a galaxy far, far away to your living room – Collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ building Sets for Adults are designed for creative people like you who enjoy fun, hands-on projects to unwind
    • Premium quality – LEGO® bricks comply with demanding industry standards to ensure they connect simply and strongly for robust builds
    • Safety assurance – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure that they satisfy strict global safety standards

Ages Pieces VIP Points Item Minifigures Value

Although not technically given the description by LEGO, 75356 marks the fourth set to be created in Midi-Scale and joins the Millennium Falcon (2009), Imperial Star Destroyer (2010), and Nebulon-B Frigate (2020). We were excited to get our hands on this set, preorders were available and of course Joseph ordered the set before even thinking about getting gift-with-purchases. Overall the build is very similar to 10221 Super Star Destroyer (2011) but a lot smaller.

The set is flanked by two Star Destroyers and features a tiny line up of the iconic bounty hunters from the scene in the Empire Strikes Back despite this being a Return of the Jedi branded set.

Dengar, IG-88, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, 4-Lom, Zuckuss and Bossk. The set features printed plaques and of course the Return of the Jedi printed brick.

The final product is a very clean and nicely designed build covering a simple scale that is easy to display and features a cute little vignette of the famous scene.

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