Every story has a beginning, and ours started on September 8th, 2009 when LEGO launched the original incarnation of The Holo-Brick Archives.

Conceived and created by Sten Funder Lysdahl, who was the LEGO.com content manager at the time, it was meant to serve as a database of all the LEGO Star Wars sets ever made. Launched in beta mode, The Holo-Brick Archives v1.0 was maintained for less than a full year before being mothballed, never having achieved a full catalog.

The original The Holo-Brick Archives (circa Sept 2009)

This latest (unofficial) version provides a full database of LEGO Star Wars sets, minifigures, books, multimedia and third-party products – as well as inventories and a means to keep your collections updated. It also collects – and shares – all the news of the LEGO Star Wars license from around the world.

The site is run by volunteers who write all the content, maintain the database, and ensure that The Holo-Brick Archives is available whenever and wherever you need it.

Meet the Team!

Founder and owner of The Holo-Brick Archives, Kevin Downard maintains and curates the Database Catalog as a collecting resource for all fans and covers new product releases.

Getting in at the ground floor when the LEGO Star Wars theme first launched, Kevin has been collecting ever since. He is a self-proclaimed minifigure guru and has a passion for tracking down and cataloging every minifig variation – no matter how obscure. He has assisted Rebrickable and Bricklink in maintaining their set inventories, helped overhaul the rebelscum.com LEGO forum, and created the LSW Collector mobile app.

Joseph Opara is our ill tempered half hispanic/half slavic Canadian. He is the owner of Quick Build Bricks, former President and now Coordinator at large for TOROLUG (The Toronto LEGO User group), Director of Fun for Bricks in the 6, and he is also a Coordinator of Creations for Charity.

He produces silly livestreams, runs a Bricklink store, and builds some fun MOCs. Joseph collects too many themes, owning all Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones sets. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of all the useless LEGO facts you could think of.

If you want to contact The Holo-Brick Archives you can email us at holobrickarchives@gmail.com, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Site Updates

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