LSW Collector is the most detailed collecting app around for figures from a galaxy far, far away and is the perfect way to catalog your collection on your Apple iOS and Android devices!

You can search for figures without scrolling by using the search bar. You can swipe between figure entries to easily update your collection! The figure pages have a neat, simple appearance to provide all the relevant information you need to know.

Saving the best for last, exclusive to the LSW Collector app is a section dedicated to more obscure variants! Entries for all figures made from 1999 to now continue expanding your collection!

LSW Collector is an unofficial mobile application for all collectors of those figures from everyone’s favorite galaxy. Made by a collector for collectors!

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LSW Collector App
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 11 reviews
 by Trumpet man--

Excellent app!! This is exactly what I was looking for and super helpful as a collector. I love all of the sorting functions and I haven’t been able to find anything like this on the app store.

One tiny recommendation is to allow people to drag items on the wanted list into a custom order so they can see what they want to buy next. Or maybe have two separate wanted lists for different tiers. But these are just ideas nonetheless, thank you!

 by Golden Pigs12

This app doesn’t include all the figures like the rancor and all the big figs or weird ones like the 2 frozen in carbonite people in the razor crest.

 by Bswertdd

A great app! great to keep track updated regularly. Couldn’t ask for more. Think it could do with having a title change as it doesn’t come up when you put Star Wars in. Could get a lot more people involved if it had Star Wars lego in the title 👍🏻👍🏻

 by star wars is the best 😀

But please make it so you can have more than one of the same mini figures like storm troopers I have 5 of them but I can only have one in the app

 by ramyf

This app is truly awesome. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the browsing functionality. It would be great to swipe to go to the next figure on the list. Right now, a left swipe shows the back of the figure (which is great), but then you can’t go to next figure with another left swipe. It’s much easier to do that than to have to go back every time. Also, adding the set numbers the figures appear in and the year, would be nice.

Update 9/6/2020

Seems like Kevin has added all the requested features, but it doesn’t work unless you have IOS 12 or later. I was on 11.4 and it kept crashing. Please update IOS version requirement in the app.

 by Sharkbaitleigh

Excellent Star Wars minifigure collector aid which I use on a daily basis to catalogue what figures I currently have and what figures I still need to source. I use the ‘wanted’ section to remind me of purchases that I have made but as yet not received and displayed.

My only frustration is that the newer figures aren’t updated regularly enough, as I already have many of the last Summer 2020 figures but cannot check them off within the app so that I don’t re-purchase.....I have to keep a separate paper list of these figures. Many of the newer figures also do not have photographs assigned to them as yet. Surely that just a quick process to take a picture and upload especially with modern phones!

One possible additional feature that I would find useful would be for a description of what weapon or accessory the minifigure was released with.....but maybe that is be being too OCD with my own collection. However, many thanks for producing this app, it has certainly proved to be extremely useful to me. 😊👏

 by Meddiicc

Great app but updates to current figures very slow. New wave out in August and we’re still 2 release waves behind on pictures.

 by CaliMade911

This is a great app, and is by far the best on the Internet! To make this app better, putting the corresponding set numbers that the minifigs belong to would help, especially when trying to catalog for the first time. Lastly, and I think the most important, a separate tab separating the minifigs by release year would be extremely helpful. This app is much appreciated and the update schedule amazing!

 by Das industries

Not bad, would love a way to show if you owned more than one of the same figure, a set name next to each figure, and if you could click on the figure in your collection to read their info instead of going back to the search.

Lots of room to grow the app though!

 by Kbvytenn5310

Very user friendly and great way to catalogue your minifig collection. Only major drawback I see is lack of information regarding the head itself, whether it’s a stamped head or open stud. Also indicators on where authentic figs are stamped would be a very nice feature.

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