Topps Adds LEGO Star Wars Sketch Cards To Galaxy 6 Series

As revealed on, acclaimed artist Matt Busch will be using his talents to add a touch of minifigure goodness to the upcoming sixth series of the Star Wars Galaxy sketch card collection from Topps.

Having held the trading card license since 1977, Topps turned to artists to create original paintings, cartoons and drawings in 1993 to illustrate their on-going trading card series, and despite it being a very quiet time for Star Wars, the fans got behind the concept with gusto.

Now, to mark the release of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars video game, Topps has tagged in Matt Busch to commemorate the new title from Tt Games.

Star Wars and LEGO have always been a perfect combination,” says artist Matt Busch, who’s crafted a bunch of hand-illustrated LEGO Star Wars-themed sketch cards for the new series. “Since the Galaxy sketch cards permit us to do anything within the films and Expanded Universe, I decided I would illustrate my entire set based on Star Wars LEGO and the LEGO Star Wars video games.”

He began by painting a collage of LEGO Star Wars characters, vehicles and themes – 106 in all – which he submitted in a creative Hunger Games alongside other sketch card artists such as Joe Corroney and Tom Hodges.

Only one of Busch’s cards – Slave Leia – made the final selection though.

But with over 100 original LEGO Star Wars sketches showing off Busch’s talent and enthusiasm for the toys that inspired the new video game, it’s certain that we’ll be seeing more LEGO Star Wars sketch cards in an upcoming Topps Galaxy series.

“There’s something about the design of LEGO Star Wars, both in the toys and further amplified in the video games. The simplicity of the LEGO look and animated feel makes for great gameplay and control. Combine that with the great sense of humor, these LEGO games are easily my favorite of all the Star Wars video games.” says Busch.

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