LEGO Tips For Kids: Space Book Review

This book provides easy-to-understand building instructions to help create tons of LEGO models from outer space! This new volume in the successful LEGO books series addresses young LEGO enthusiasts. It provides helpful information on how kids can create the coolest projects from outer space, out of just a few bricks from their home collection. Whether small spaceships, robots, lightsabers or any figures from their favorite science-fiction-movies, all these projects are described in easy- to-follow step-by-step instruction! Just start building, but don’t forget: Just click – don’t glue, clip or paint!

Joachim Klang, author of numerous LEGO building books – including Build Your Own Galaxy: The Big Unofficial Builder’s Book – has produced another fine LEGO title in conjunction with independent German publisher Verlag Heel. LEGO Tips For Kids: Space is all about encouraging young LEGO enthusiasts to build outside the box and has easy-to-follow directions to construct an array of characters, spacecraft and robots from a number of science fiction franchises, including Star Wars.

Taking inspiration from a number of iconic sci-fi TV shows and movies like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars plus classic Space, this book presents a selection of miniscale builds that are relatively easy builds. And though the book is billed as a children’s title I’d say that because of the sources the author has drawn reference from it is more likely to appeal to AFOLs that grew up in the 70s and 80s.

Unlike the Build Your Own Galaxy book, this title doesn’t offer a lengthy preamble so in that sense it is aimed at the shorter attention spans of children – kids just want to build and have fun! After a short two page forward and introduction it’s straight into the concept of simple builds. Each construction has beautifully rendered instructions that are accompanied by a photograph of the final product and a parts list, with both Bricklink and LEGO element numbers to make buying these parts that much easier.

The paper and print quality is of a very high standard and a fitting example of Heel’s investment in the book. The cover is glossy with satin embossed highlights that make the graphics pop. The paper stock is smooth and firm, and offers a sense that the book will hold up to many page turns and (heaven forbid) fold backs. And just like the other LEGO books by Heel, this was originally written in German and has been flawlessly translated into English.

As an added bonus the publisher is also offering a card deck version of the book in one metal tin. It’s pretty handy for travelling – just grab a couple of handfuls of LEGO bricks, chuck the kids in the car and go. The text is in German and there’s no word yet if there will be an English translation.

So, here’s the reviewy bit: I like this book. Sure there are a couple of builds featuring that other Star series bit that’s OK because it also has the Battlestar Viper. Price, quality and content all get top marks and overall it has so much style that it’d look good on anyone’s bookshelf.

LEGO Tips For Kids: Space - Cover Pic Price : $12.95
Pages : 80
Pub Date : 22 June, 2016
Age Range : N/A
Grade Level : N/A
Format : Paperback
ISBN : 9783958433908/3958433901

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