LEGO To Make Running Change To 75188 Resistance Bomber Minifigure Complement

According to The Last Jedi cast member Kevin Layne, who played Resistance Bomber Pilot #1 in the opening sequence that saw the Resistance’s fleet of heavy bombers turned to chaff, the unnamed female pilot that came with 75188 Resistance Bomber when it was released as part of the Force Friday retail event on September 1st, 2017 is being changed out.

Interestingly, LEGO have not shared this news with the LEGO Ambassador Network nor released any kind of statement regarding the reasons for switching the contents of this set out – and seemingly it is the actor who played the bomber’s pilot – named Finch Dallow according to Kevin Layne’s Instagram post – that is being given the honor of announcing the news.

Layne’s comments suggests that the change hasn’t occurred yet, and he will be revealing the new minifigure in real life, soon.

Whatever the motivation for this change, it is worth noting that this set is expected to retire in the next few months – meaning that this new minifigure could very well be a limited edition.

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