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In Blocks magazine Issue 58, readers can enjoy an in-depth review of the new LEGO Creator Expert Lunar Lander – just in time to mark July 20th, the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission to the Moon. Blocks then takes a giant leap from science fact to science fiction with a look at the latest Action Battle and Resistance sets, a quick check in on the next LEGO Star Wars video game – The Rise Of Skywalker – and then a visit to mission control (aka LEGO House in Billund) with coverage of the LEGO Star Wars 20th anniversary Fan Evening that saw AFOLs get the chance to hear directly from designers behind the theme.

A while the world is celebrating Apollo 50, Blocks continues its look into the history of LEGO and looks back at the 1930s and how Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of The LEGO Group, overcame adversity in that decade.

Further into the magazine there is an exclusive preview of LEGO Hidden Side reveals how the LEGO Group is aiming to bring a new story-driven theme to fans while incorporating a digital aspect to the play potential. The design experts who have been developing this new range open up the door to their secret lab and share some of the secrets held within.

The team at Blocks also takes a summer holiday visit to The Block Bus – a very special programme that helps to provide communication therapy using LEGO for children diagnosed with autism in a rural area. Amy Eleftheriades explains how her team are helping the community using LEGO bricks.

As always there is building to be done, with LEGO MASTERS winner Steve Guinness demonstrating how to construct brick versions of the little brick minifigures released last year. Simon Pickard demonstrates how to put LEGO interior lighting together, to make sure those building details are authentic. In Month in MOCs, Ice Planet gets a modern makeover and the Disney palaces get the Skyline treatment. Other regular features include Blocks Photography, Month in LEGO, LUG Spotlight, Retired Piece, Piece Perception before Brick Wife wraps things up.

The latest issue of Blocks Magazine is available now at newsagents in the UK and USA. To get Blocks magazine delivered to your door – ahead of everyone else – visit and check out their subscription deals.

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