Rebrickable: Making A MOCery Out Of LEGO

Have you ever had an idea for a build that LEGO hasn’t done yet and you just can’t wait? Or maybe you’ve thought of an upgrade to an existing LEGO Star Wars set – like adding a pilot’s cabin to 75201 First Order AT-ST – but you don’t know where to start?

The beauty of LEGO bricks is that you never really have to let LEGO lead you where you want to go, because – as LEGO would heavily encourage you to do – you can build or customise your own models! It might sound obvious that back when you and I were kids building whatever you wanted out of LEGO was more common that following the pre-printed instructions, but nowadays it’s a practice that is slowly being forgotten.

Step forward, a website that will show you how to build what YOU want. They can help you figure out which of their carefully curated suggestions – whether they are official sets or MOCs (My Own Creations) submitted by hundreds of designers (a number that includes a certain member who goes by the name of LEGOscum) – that you can build from your own collection, or guide you to buy replacement elements for those builds you can’t complete out of your own spares.

With more than five hundred original designs to choose from we’ve picked out one that commemorates the twenty year anniversary of The Phantom Menace – a brick art mosaic inspired by Darth Sidious’s first apprentice – Darth Maul!

This 613 piece build can be accomplished by reviewing the inventory and applying some common sense/grit-and-determination, or with a small purchase of $3.99 for the 42-page instructions and a Bricklink parts list which will make things a whole lot easier.

Rebrickable has a wide variety of sets – from simple Advent Calendar/micro-scale builds to minifig-scale UCS sets that will make your eyes – and bank accounts – bleed. Be warned though – MOCing is addictive and will lead you down a rabbit hole. Take it from me, I started to re-collect the UCS sets I no longer had by building midi-scale versions of them and now it’s out of control!

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