Own A Record Breaker!

The current holder of the largest commercially available LEGO set – 75192 Millennium Falcon – made jaws hit the floor when it was released in September 2017, and this 7541 piece build quickly became the favourite of speed builders all around the globe.

The fastest build time, officially recognised by Guinness World Records, is a staggering 2 hours, 51 minutes and 57 seconds! This feat is held by Johannes Roesch, Kathi Stutz, Ralf Johannes and Gabriel Cabrera Parrais from Germany. These four Star Wars fans worked in close unison to achieve their record on July 18th, 2019, breaking the previous record by nearly five hours.

And now you can own this completed 75192 Millennium Falcon and the original certificate awarded to the builders by Guinness World Records because German charity auction house United Charity is currently auctioning these to raise funds for NCL Foundation, a non-profit organisation researching a cure for dementia in children.

If you think you can beat the current record Guinness World Records invites you to apply now and maybe you’ll get to join the ranks of other Star Wars world record holders, like Steve Sansweet whose museum at Rancho Obi-Wan hosts the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia in the known universe!

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