What Can We Expect From Toy Fair?

With the international toy fairs in London and Nuremberg having already taken place, the word is starting to trickle out. From past experience we know that LEGO is good at keeping their set development under wraps. For the most of the year the shroud of secrecy is pulled down tightly so it’s only when rumours start circulating right after London and Nuremberg toy fairs that speculation becomes something more solid.

Using the notion that building LEGO helps to relieve stress in adults to deflect from the fact that LEGO have finally recognised that they have largely neglected the adult market, a new subtheme of displayable and ornate Star Wars helmets – much like the 0.45 scaled helmets that Riddell (1986 to 2007) and Master Replicas (2002 to 2004) produced – will make an appearance in April.

Unlike the one-piece wonders of yesteryear, the Stormtrooper (75276) and Boba Fett (75277) helmets will come as around 600 separate pieces that will need building. Marketed for the +18 LEGO fan, these will retail for an estimated $65. The question what stores will stock these, and in what section they will be found remains unanswered – surely going to a Walmart toy aisle defeats their purpose?

Also expected to arrive in April is a buildable D-O. Believed to be along the lines of 75181 BB-8, the nearly 3:1 scale replica that released in 2017, D-O is expected to be half the piece count which would keep this jittery droid to the same proportions.

Additionally a fourth set is being linked to LEGO set inventory number 75274, and is expected to retail at $70. At this point this is the full spectrum of speculation on this suspected addition to the LEGO Star Wars theme.

April will also see the build-up to May the 4th Be With You – because LEGO are the true torch bearers of International Star Wars Day – with word of coming promotions and teases of the annual LEGO exclusive/direct-to-consumer set. Past sets have included 75144 Snowspeeder (2017), 75181 Y-Wing Starfighter (2018) and 75244 Tantive IV (2019) – and with fan attention being directed to TESB40 it’s within the realm of possibility that LEGO will meet expectations. Collectors can also anticipate a polybag and an exclusive gift with purchase from LEGO branded/online stores. Sadly, because these will be LEGO branded store exclusives, none of this will be on show at New York Toy Fair next month so what set 75275 is what fans will get for the rumoured $200 price tag will remain unknown for some months.

Typically the only sets on “public” show at New York Toy Fair are those that are already on shelves and those that are due for release in the second quarter of the year. So for those fan media sites, like Rebelscum, who attend New York Toy Fair the main focus is those unknown sets.

Rumour has it that, on top of the annual Advent calendar set (75249), there will be six Star Wars sets coming out in the Summer. Making use of the vast and meticulously curated LEGO database known only as Brickset shows that there has been a downward trend in the number of second quarter sets, with nine coming out in 2017 and 2018, only seven at the same time in 2019 and six expected this Summer.

With it being the first non-movie year since the beginning of the Sequel Trilogy and A Star Wars Story movies release cycle in 2015, and a new season of the Clone Wars on Disney+ it’s not susprising to hear rumours that LEGO will primarily focus on sets to complement the animated show. These are believed to include a Clone Trooper speeder (75280), Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (75281) and a droid tank (75283). These rumours also include approximate prices of $30, $30 and $40 respectively.

It’s not all Clone Wars though, and three sets pulled from movie canon are being touted as part of the Summer release schedule. With it being the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back the Imperial AT-AT (75288) is believed to be making a comeback and, at around $150, will be the most expensive set of the Summer. Also expected is a new General Grievous starfighter (75286) for an estimated $80 and finally a set that is really stoking the rumour train’s fire – the Night Buzzard ($70). Those that paid close attention to The Rise of Skywalker will have noted the Knights of Ren’s conveyance trailing the Bestoon Legacy when it made way for Kijimi.

An addition the BrickHeadz line will have a dual pack containing The Mandalorian and The Child (75317) out in August.

For the most part this information has been gleaned from a number of publically available sources like Eurobricks and Hothbricks who have a track record for being reliable. While all of this sounds accurate and plausible it is still nothing more than conjecture and rumour until LEGO officially releases word. Stay tuned for our New York Toy Fair coverage, where the full and proper grand reveal will take place.

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