LEGO Mini Scale Helmet Activities

Launched at the start of the year LEGO Ideas Activity are small, informal warm-up challenges that test your basic design and construction skills to help you unleash your creative side in small bursts.

The latest Activities challenge, inspired by the launch of the new range of 18+ Star Wars model helmets, is to build a palm-sized Star Wars helmet.

The only restrictions are you can only use standard bricks or bricks from the Star Wars intellectual property range – which means, for example, that a printed tile with an Imperial symbol is fine but one with a Ferrari logo is not.

You can check out the current entries before you submit your own to this fun task.

This latest Activities challenge, which times out at 4am EST (10am CEST) on May 5th, is for fun only – if your submission is good you might see it on one of the LEGO social media challenges, but don’t expect any prizes.

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