The Holo-Brick Archives Goes Live

The Holo-Brick Archives launch splash

After four months of hard work, The Holo-Brick Archives is finally complete and ready to go public. With almost 1500 news posts spanning back nearly the full 20 years of the LEGO Star Wars license, over 1000 entries in our product database and 99% of all the set instructions, The Holo-Brick Archives is the most complete resource a LEGO Star Wars fan needs.

Founded by Jeremy Beckett and Kevin Downard, this site aims to continue bringing you the latest LEGO Star Wars collecting news – as well as a fully stocked library of past news, feature articles and product reviews – to your phone, tablet and computer screen.

With future plans to expand the product database to include multimedia, publications and other licensed items, develop integrated set inventories, maintain improved image galleries, provide a membership-based collection tracker and an open-sourced marketplace, we intend to keep the site growing to meet the needs of the LEGO Star Wars collecting community.

Wish us luck, and may the bricks build with you!

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