75318 The Child One Minute Build

The first Mando Monday, featuring a plethora of new products coming out for the second season of The Mandalorian, has arrived – and with it a one minute long, time-lapsed build of 75318 The Child, due out on October 30th – just like the first episode of the second season of The Mandalorian!

Star Wars fans around the world can enjoy a huge range of new The Mandalorian products, reveals StarWars.com, who share the latest products and digital content inspired by The Mandalorian on Disney+.

Curiously, however, 75318 The Child was removed from the US/CA region on LEGO.com a few hours ago. It is still available to pre-order in the United Kingdom (£69.99), Germany (€77.97) where it goes by Das Kind, in Italy as Il Bambino (€84.99), L’Enfant in France (€84.99), and Baby Bruce in Australia ($119.99).

El Niño has a product page in Spanish-speaking South America but can not be pre-ordered. The same is true for Brazil, where The Child is known as A Criança.

UPDATE: after a few hours of being AWOL in North America, The Child is back and as gleeful as ever.

If you want more of The Child then check out the life-size one that LEGO constructed by a team of Master Model Builders based in Enfield, CT, using more than 14,000 bricks.

Lead by Peter Donner, the team took nearly 120 combined hours to design and assemble the model, where it is now on display at their brand store at Disney Springs. Explaining the process, Peter says “We actually use a piece of software that LEGO created internally, it’s called Brick Builder, and that gives us a rudimentary building instruction. So we take a 3D object, turn it into a brick model, and then that gives us what we call a cat scan layer by layer view. But it’s not like the instructions, it doesn’t tell you necessarily what brick to put, it just tells you the outer shape of the model, so that’s where the Master Builder’s experience and skills to put the right bricks in the right spot.”

The Child (75318) is due for general retail release on October 30th and can also be bought at Target, Amazon.com, and Walmart for $79.99 (MSRP). Those making their purchase at LEGO.com or a brand store will qualify for a free metal Han Solo in carbonite keychain when purchasing LEGO Star Wars products exceeding $100, from November 1st to 8th.

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