Mystery LEGO Star Wars Set Appears… And Vanishes… And Then Underwhelms

5005341 Star Wars Mystery Box
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In one of those rare blink-and-you’ll miss it moments, an unknown product was posted on earlier today, and both and were lucky enough to catch it.

Catch what though? It’s not entirely clear.

While scrolling through the latest stock listings a new set number – 5005341  – was spotted, and when clicking through it was discovered that a placeholder image and €14.99 (approximately $17.50) price tag were the only items of information on the page.

Both sites added the item – of which up to 20 could be ordered – to their shopping basket and during checkout it was noted that the product’s name had been updated to 5005341 LEGO SW 1ST ORDER STORM GLOBAL 1.

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Check out went through as normal, with confirmation emails received, and both parties are now waiting to see what arrives in the post over the next few days.

UPDATE:  the mystery product has been revealed, because, turning up in the mail atone German shopper's house, was an underwhelming First Order Stormtrooper Key Light, made under license by IQ and released in 2016.

The product page is no longer active so don’t go rushing off madly to get your mystery Star Wars item ordered.

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