Nothing Lasts Forever: Retiring Sets Update

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While some lament the end of a set’s shelf life, others recognise that if LEGO didn’t put its designs to pasture we’d still be enjoying the rudimentary blockiness of 1999 instead of the sleek builds which we have today.

In our last Nothing Lasts Forever report we shared an unofficial list of sets that were scheduled to head south to sunnier climes during 2020, and in our latest update we share – via and other sources – the most current information of sets that will disappear before the end of the year.

  • 75159 Death Star
  • 75192 Millennium Falcon
  • 75220 Sandcrawler
  • 75232 Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper
  • 75235 X-Wing Starfighter Trench Run
  • 75236 Duel on Starkiller Base
  • 75239 Hoth Generator Attack
  • 75240 Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter
  • 75241 Echo Base Defense
  • 75242 Black Ace TIE Interceptor
  • 75243 Slave I
  • 75244 Tantive IV
  • 75251 Darth Vader’s Castle
  • 75258 Anakin’s Podracer

According to the German-language site the sets listed above have had their production runs ended and their stock levels being run down to zero. Comparing their list to those marked as retiring soon on the official LEGO website does show some correlation, with even more corroboration when the older sets that are out of stock are included in the list. Further confirmation comes from, who shared a communique from LEGO Netherlands in August.

The most surprising inclusion in the list is 75192 Millennium Falcon, which was released in October 2017 as a LEGO direct-to-customer exclusive. Given that large numbers of these sets are still available at LEGO outlets, general retail and specialist sellers, this $800 set is going to be hard to clear out – even though it has already exceeded the 29-month average lifespan of Ultimate Collector Series sets by six months.

How will you use this information? Is it a guide for upcoming sale items, or will it encourage you to get your LEGO Star Wars collection up to date? Or perhaps you will use it to do some brick banking? Share your thoughts below.

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