Mini Steps: The Evolution Of The Darth Maul Minifigure

Always two there are – a master and an apprentice. However, this Sith minifigure actually has ten! Unlike the characters we have covered before throughout the Mini-Steps series, Darth Maul’s Bricklink numbering does not flow logically. This is due to minifigures being added to the database later as new variants were recognized.

With a never-before-seen double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Maul jumped into battle against Qui-Gon Jinn in 7101 Lightsaber Duel and became the first minifigure variant for this character. The basic yet unique design of his torso along with an instantly recognizable printed head made for an impressive minifig for the time. He would go on to be found in four sets, a magnet pack, and a watch. Some say that the Darth Maul found in 7663 Sith Infiltrator is actually a different variant due to the pupil printing, but this variant has not been recognized by Bricklink.

A common finding among watch sets is the introduction of new variants. The reason behind this is not entirely clear, but it does make hunting down minifigures an ongoing task. Included in two watches (9001932 and 9006667) is Darth Maul with a newly printed torso. This Darth Maul featured a silver neck clasp torso that had previously been used for Emperor Palpatine. The head under the hood is the only difference!

Another variant was also only included in a couple of watch sets. This Darth Maul featured torso printing that was sharpened to create more definite lines and a small pouch was added. A similar minifig was released with 7961 Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator, and for the first time he did not include a hood. When Darth Maul’s brother Savage Opress from the Clone Wars was released in 2011, LEGO had to create a new headpiece – Zabrak horns. Eliminating the need for a specially molded head, the horns are made of a soft, flexible plastic and include an anti-stud to snap onto a regular minifig head.

sw0686 vs sw0323

Now that the special headpiece was created, LEGO would make good use of this element and include it in almost all of the remaining variants. The one exception is Santa Darth Maul which was included in the 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar on Day 24 and came with a snow shovel and snowball!


That same year also saw the first exclusive Darth Maul minifig. This shirtless Sith was the first to have arm printing and came in the 5000062 polybag. This polybag was also included in the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Darth Maul’s Mini Sith Infiltrator.

Also baring it all is the Darth Maul with mechanical legs first seen in The Clone Wars episode Revenge. To create the sinister look from the show, new hips and legs had to be molded. Consistent with the actual character, this Maul stands taller than a regular minifigure. Robot Maul was only found in 75222 Mandalorian Speeder.

In 2015, Darth Maul got a whole new look. Along with updated head and torso printing, he also got leg printing for the first time and was found in yet another Sith Infiltrator (75096). The same figure minus the cape came included with 75169 Duel on Naboo and 75224 Sith Infiltrator Microfighter.


The most recent variant was included in the New Edition Character Encyclopedia. Dressed in Crimson Dawn Crime Lord fashion, this Darth Maul was an unexpected inclusion having come from the Solo film. He is the only Darth Maul to come with regular minifigure legs in a color besides black.

That makes ten Darth Maul minifigure variants found across ten regular production sets, one exclusive polybag, one convention exclusive, a plethora of watches, and one book. What Darth Maul variants are still missing? Would you like to see him with the spider legs also shown in the Clone Wars? How about Maul after he gets his revised mechanical legs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I think a Lego Spider Maul would be perfect, either as a Minifig or as a variant of the Darth Maul buildable figure from a few years ago. However, knowing my luck recently, it would probably come out as a ComicCon exclusive and we know what trouble they have caused in recent weeks….. Joking aside, it is almost tempting to pick up the latest Harry Potter Aragog spider set (75950) and make one myself.

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