Mini Steps: The Evolution Of The RA-7 Protocol Droid Minifigure

Unlike the friendly C-3PO that was covered in a previous Mini Steps article, this droid was notorious for its unpleasant personality. The RA-7 model was created by Arakyd Industries and largely served the Empire although these droids were also found during the Clone Wars. They were primarily used as spies and were nicknamed Insect Droids because of their large head with prominent photoreceptors.

The first RA-7 was a LEGO specific character and appeared in the Yoda Chronicles. He was molded in dark bluish gray plastic and was included in 75051 Jedi Scout Fighter. He required a new mold for the head element to capture the classic bug-eyed look, and the torso and legs had a nicely detailed print.

Two years later, the head mold was reused for another variant but this time appearing in black. The droid included in 75159 Death Star would be listed under the alias of Death Star Droid which is consistent with the first appearance of the droid in Episode IV: A New Hope. This RA-7 replaced the Protocol Droid in the 10188 Death Star which was a C-3PO style droid molded in black.

Changing colors once again, 75220 Sandcrawler included an RA-7 Protocol Droid in pearl dark gray. The printing was again updated, but the head mold remained the same. Like its predecessors it was limited to just the one set.

There are a few RA-7 droids that have not been created in LEGO form though. Asajj Ventress used the droid 4A-7 in The Clone Wars movie. He featured a normal 3PO body but kept the distinctive head. Another was AP-5 which appeared in several episodes of Star Wars Rebels. The last one actually has been given the LEGO treatment but only in virtual form! O-MR1 was one of the playable characters in the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game. He was immune to cold and toxic areas and could accept translation missions. This is the only RA-7 to come with chrome plating!

Just when it seemed as if there weren’t any other opportunities to see another RA-7 we’ve got a new variant for you! This one is again created in black and appears to be an update to the Death Star Droid. With the updated figure the wire printing is now colored. Perhaps this minifig will be included in the rumored 75300 TIE Fighter or one of the other upcoming 2021 sets.

If you’ve got the taste for minifigure collecting then keep an eye out for our ongoing The Beginners Guide To LEGO Star Wars Collecting series which will look further into this sidebar in an upcoming article. And for those who want to take a deep dive into LEGO Star Wars minifigures check out the LSW Minifigure app; it’s a great tool for tracking and collating your collection.

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