MOCing The Mandalorian

There’s no denying that The Mandalorian – whether it be the TV series or the growing collection of sets that LEGO is producing – is a favorite here at The Holo-Brick Archives, but sometimes we think that the line doesn’t quite go far enough.

And that’s where the talents of LEGO Star Wars fans come into play because when a concept doesn’t fit the bill at LEGO or Disney/Lucasfilm isn’t able to approve it, fans always step in.

Take the latest episode of The Mandalorian – Chapter 12: The Siege – when The Child gets put in a classroom on the planet of Nevarro while The Mandalorian accompanies Greef Karga and Cara Dune to investigate what’s left of an old Imperial base on the far side of the planet.

We already know from Chapter 10 – The Passenger that The Child suffers from kuchi sabishii, and in the latest episode he uses the Force to purloin a packet of tummy snacks from a fellow classmate. The unexpected sugar-rush and over-excitement results in a cyanic regurgitation, and a telling-off from his helmeted protector.

Captured perfectly, making good use of the articulated facial features of 75318 The Child and a small assortment of bright blue bricks, by Steve Heggie is a My Own Creation (MOC) of the moment when The Child brought up his sugary snacks.

At the other end of the spectrum is a mocked-up set that depicts the gaff in last week’s episode when a member of the production crew didn’t get out of the shot quick enough.

Created by WookieeNutz, 75315 Half a Crew Member – which won’t be getting made by LEGO anytime soon (or ever!) – uses a Shaggy Rogers minifigure and a small selection of bricks to recreate the scene in the Imperial base where a crewmember pressed himself up against a wall in a “if I can’t see them then they can’t see me” moment of clarity.

Readers might also remember that this isn’t the first time Shaggy has appeared in an episode of Star Wars when Sha’a Gi – a Jedi coder – showed up in the original animated Clone Wars series in 2004.

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  1. I demand that Lego produce the ferry droid from the end of Chapter 8 as a minifig, sculpture or gigantic UCS set. It would look amazing…..

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