BrickHeadz Fan Vote: And The Winner Is… A Click Away!

When, two weeks ago, the LEGO Ideas team launched a poll to select the 150th BrickHeadz set from an eclectic range of choices – Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, Jaws, Minecraft and Star War – the field was wide open.

With over 13,000 votes cast the results are in – and it won’t come as a surprise to learn that Star Wars has won the day!

LEGO aren’t sharing what the balance of the votes were, nor are they revealing which character(s) has been chosen. Given that the Ideas team has made a public appeal to pick this milestone and a half set it’s sure to be something special.

Maybe we’ll finally see the much-speculated Jabba the Hutt. Regardless of what the set is, we’re expecting it to be released early in 2022. What character are you hoping to see turned into a BrickHeadz set? Share your hopes below.

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  1. I am not a real fan of these, much prefering the similar concept Cube Dudes from way back when… I would however buy a R2D2 or C3PO if they were released.

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