Day 10: D-O

While it’s not quite the smallest novelty in this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, this festive D-O – complete with a Santa hat – does have the lowest part count with only five elements

Did you know that LEGO doesn’t classify this – or any of the droids – as a minifigure? These are officially known as droid figures instead, but the community still considers them minifigures because #droidlivesmatter.

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  1. Without giving away any spoilers, this year has been the best Star Wars Advent Calendar ever without any doubt. The number of festive builds exceeds every other year and most of those are fabulous but this one is a bit weak at best! There have been well over 1000 Star Wars minifigures and it looks like Lego have just chosen one at random and put a Santa hat on it!!! Having said that, it is still better than some years total output of festive figures which just tells you how strong this year’s calendar actually is.

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