Day 11: Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon takes on a new form on the 11th day of Advent.

Proving that size isn’t everything, this micro version of the hunk of junk that broke the record for the Kessel Run, helped destroy two Death Stars and was a basic taxi in the final act of the Skywalker Saga, is made up of less parts than there are fingers and toes on a certain Besalisk fry cook.

The round communication dish points to the Original Trilogy, but the tan accents are suggestive of the damage hull plates seen at the end of Solo. What movie do you think this mini-build is from?

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  1. This is the 4th time we have seen the Millennium Falcon in an Advent calendar since it’s first appearance in 2011. Again, with no spoilers, in my opinion, this is the best ship/vehicle build in this calendar – even beating the X Wing from the other day. Many of the parts used were first released after the 2011 Falcon and they really improve the build making this set many times more accurate.

    With the Advent calendar as a whole this year, Lego have set a very high standard and I hope they can equal or match this in the future.

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