Day 8: X-Wing Fighter

Joining the Rebel fleet’s 30-odd strong squadron of X-wing fighters is this new mini-scale version of the spaceship that has been so pivotal in the telling of the Skywalker Saga.

Missing the characteristic blue dome that signifies the presence of R2-D2, the white stud could actually be BB-8, meaning that this is the resurrected X-wing that Rey flew in The Rise of Skywalker – making it a first!

What do you think – is it piloted by The Last Jedi? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. As a Lego X Wing collector, I was happy to see this ship in this year’s advent calendar. It is a very subtle upgrade to the previous Advent-Scale X Wings and much more accurate because of the changes. However, I think Jeremy needs to go back and rewatch The Rise of Skywalker as BB8 was never in the X Wing with Rey and met her at the end when she landed, so the white stud is just wrong. Due to a total sell out of the Advent Calendar in the UK, this was probably the easiest Bricklink build ever but well worth it but it just wasn’t the same as waiting till today, opening the calendar door and doing the build between spoonfuls of Cornflakes…..

  2. That actually makes sense looking at the rest of the builds in the set. A good recovery and your reputation is still intact. Merry Christmas.

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