Day 3: Lars Homestead

Poking out of the Great Chott salt flats of the Jundland Sea is the first location build of the Advent season – a minuscule version of the Lar’s Homestead where Luke Skywalker was left to be raised by his adopted aunt and uncle.

Comprised of 13 pieces, this tiny construction of the entry dome that allowed access to the rest of the Lars homestead is made up of tan and dark yellow elements and comes with a vaporator.

Here’s hoping that LEGO makes a minifigure scale version of this, like 75270 Obi-Wan’s Hut which came out earlier in the same year. Add your thoughts to the comment section below if you think that Lars Homestead is a good idea – and don’t forget to share what you’d like to see included in this potential set.

Check out the full gallery in our LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar review to see all of this year’s novelties.

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  1. Another first for 2020 – a location/building/ship we haven’t had before in any scale. I also vote for a larger scale version of this, preferably without yet another Landspeeder!!!

    • Correcting my previous post, the Lars Homestead has actually already been seen twice but in Convention Exclusive sets. Hopefully one day this will be available in a set released to buy retail or actually in stock anywhere in the country…

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