Holiday Special Revelation: Luke Wasn’t Himself

With the profusion of Star Wars actors – including Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels and Kelly Marie Tran – returning to re-voice their characters for the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special it came as a surprise to many fans that Mark Hamill didn’t voice the character that helped give him star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Responding to his followers on Twitter ,the first, last and always Jedi Knight responded thusly:

The voice actor who did record lines for Luke Skywalker was Canadian actor Eric Bauza, who is no stranger to Star Wars because, over the past six years, he has played Luke Skywalker no less than four times in The Yoda Chronicles (2014), Droid Tales (2015), The Freemaker Adventures (2016-2017) and, most recently, The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special (2020).

This gives Bauza the accolade of playing Luke Skywalker in more TV shows than Mark Hamill himself, who only played Luke Skywalker once on the small screen – and that was in the original Holiday Special, which is best forgotten about.

Do you think that Hamill should have voiced Luke in the sequel to the original 1978 debacle to add to the continuity> Do you want to see more LEGO Star Wars Holiday Specials? Voice your thoughts below in our commenst section.

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