LEGO Ideas Announces Winners

With just over 1000 entries into the LEGO Ideas Celebrate The Holidays competition, the judges had a hard picking out their top three favorite submissions, and after two weeks of deliberating they have selected the winners.

First Place – Downed GingerBread AT-AT

After a day of fighting, the Empire, Rebel Alliance and even the merciless bounty hunters have set aside their differences to celebrate life day. Lord Vader came dressed for the occasion and has plenty of gifts for everyone in his Gingerbread AT-AT. Peppermint Probe Droids monitor the festivities to make sure there is no foul play, but this won’t stop Han and Chewy from throwing a few friendly snowballs. Everyone is keeping warm by roasting s’mores and drinking hot cocoa.


Second Place – Ugly Holiday Knitted Sweater

Celebrate the holidays AND stay warm in this fantastically garish Imperial ugly holiday sweater. Built and rendered in, I wanted to use as many techniques as possible to get across the many textures of a tight, scratchy, uncomfortable, but ultimately made-with-love, ill-fitting holiday jumper. So we have studs, anti-studs, SNOT and side built elements to represent the traditional AT-AT bringing the Empires tree ready to be decorated.


Third Place – Millennium Falcon Wreath

Millennium Falcon, and a Christmas Wreath….what better combination is there? The round shape of the wreath worked perfectly to the shape of the Millennium Falcon, and the bright red bow worked amazingly for the nose of the ship! A few flashing Christmas lights later, and we have the perfect holiday ship!


Congratulations to all three winners, who get to take home a hamper full of exciting LEGO Star Wars sets as their reward. Don’t forget you can own – or gift – a Holiday Special-inspired ugly Christmas wear, available in a variety of styles and colors, thanks to The Holo-Brick Archive. Be quick though because time is running out!

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