Winter Wave Spotted In The Wild

In the past couple of weeks we brought you details of the full 2021 Winter Wave and the announcement of the new Imperial Shuttle polybag, and over the past two days these sets have started to pop up in the wild.

The first set noted to be found was 75299 Trouble on Tatooine which was spotted in Kohl’s across the US. Members of various Facebook groups as well as Reddit shared photos of their early bounties.

The same day a few lucky collectors managed to find 75301 Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter and 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter on Target shelves. While many collectors have been turned away at the checkout, some were able to walk out with the new sets in hand.

The latest discovery has been the 30388 Imperial Shuttle polybag found in Meijer in the US listed at $4.99. This was the best to see because the pricing for this set wasn’t known until today.

So far it seems that these early releases have only been found in the US, but as January draws closer more sets are guaranteed to be spotted. Have you come across any others? Let us know what you’ve found and where in the comments below.

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