Mini-Steps Hits The Catwalk: Spring Fashion Reviewed

The Spring Wave ushers in new looks for some classic favorites, and these minifigures are ready to take to the runway.

Global events might have put a halt to the Milan, New York, and London fashion shows this past year, but Billund has still managed to produce some new couture for 2021.

Something old and something new isn’t just for the brides anymore. Poe Dameron sports a throwback to 2016 by wearing dark brown pants and a medium nougat Resistance flight jacket first shown in 75149 Resistance X-Wing Fighter. Although he left his helmet behind last time, this look is only complete with a white and (something blue) flight helmet.

Military stylings are all the rage at this year’s Spring fashion show, and Luke Skywalker isn’t looking to disappoint as he shows off his completely new design. One pair light gray pants with quilted patches at the knee? Check! A light brown quilted vest with a white sleeved shirt underneath? You got it! Add on a dark tan cap with ear flaps? Of course! Pair it all with light gray gauntlet style suede gloves, a brown leather belt, and white ski goggles? Now you’re talking!

Cyborgs are so 1977, but Darth Vader isn’t ready to give it up. He has strut his stuff for 20 years while exhibiting twenty-five different outfits, so this time it is all about the details. The cape and helmet are old news having been around since 2015. He has chosen to go with the bottoms from recent sets 75279 Star Wars Advent Calendar, 75291 Death Star Final Duel, and 75294 Bespin Duel. His life support system on the chest of his armor replicates that seen in two of the prior sets as well, but this time he has dropped the silver striping from before and elected to go with plain black sleeves. Darth Vader might just be the most stylish Sith Lord around.

The last model of the season is the Imperial Officer. He must have been a late entry to the show because not much has changed since we last saw him in 75221 Imperial Landing Craft. The only difference we can see is that he learned how to iron out wrinkles in the interim because his short-skirted, double-breasted uniform jacket made of gaberwool has a few less texture lines. This noncom had better step up his game if he wants to compete with the others.

These four minifigures display all the glitz and glamor of the LEGO Star Wars Spring wave. Do any of these styles suit your fancy? We aren’t sure what all lies ahead for the summer, but a Bad Batch of designs is expected to have their chance at the catwalk.

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