The Quest For R2-D2: Part Three – Game Guide

The multimedia marketing campaign to promote the new LEGO Clone Wars sets that started early in 2009 culminated in a free online video game that was an instant hit with LEGO Star Wars fans and gamers alike. While it’s a long-forgotten chapter in the history of the LEGO Star Wars theme – and has been largely unplayable for the best part of a decade – uber-fan Russ Dawson tasked himself with resurrecting the game.

Follow him on his deepest dive yet – with installation instructions and an exhaustive player’s guide – so that you can enjoy The Quest For R2-D2 in its full glory!

To play The Quest For R2-D2 game you will have to either travel back in time or complete either of these simple methods.

Method 1:

1) Download and install BlueMaxima's Flashpoint Infinity (483Mb)
2) Launch Flashpoint Infinity, scroll to The Quest For R2-D2 and click on play.

Method 2:

1) Download and install Internet Explorer 11 (32/64 bit - 30/55Mb)
2) Download and install Unity Player (1Mb)
3) Downloaded and extract The Quest For R2-D2 game files (11Mb) to a folder on your computer
4) Open the game's folder, right-click launcher.html and Open With > Internet Explorer
5) Click on "Allowed blocked content" (if it appears) to let the Unity Player load the game

At the start of the game, the player can choose to represent the Light or the Dark Side through Anakin Skywalker or Asajj Ventress. No matter who you select the game missions are the same, with the exception that Anakin plays from left to right while Asajj starts on the right end of the map and heads left and that Anakin might destroy a device and Asajj Force rebuild a device and vice versa.

Both start at the rank of Gifted Initiate and progress through a number of ranks that have no bearing on skills, speed or health. That said, up to eight platinum bricks can be found hidden in a number of maps later in the game. Whilst all of these are helpful, the only essential platinum brick that must be found is on Mission 7 which unlocks more players (Obi-Wan Kenobi if playing as Anakin and Count Dooku if Asajj has been selected).

Once the player has selected which character they will start as, selecting one of the two Missions that are unlocked on the next screen – a holo-projector showing a galactic map with 15 locations of which the two are unlocked – begins the game. Whether playing as Anakin or Asajj, each level and objectives are exactly the same – only with Anakin fighting against battle droids and Asajj facing off against clone troopers.

Subsequent platinum bricks can be used to develop the character’s skills, such as Force strength, deflection speed, and health points. However, these come so late that the player will already have worked out the necessary tactics to complete the game.

The controls to play the game are simple and only a few skills are required to be learned to master the game.

As in any other video game, the character has three lives at the beginning of each mission and a full health bar which is depleted by taking damage (being hit by laser bolts or security barrier). Health points can be replenished by using the first aid stations (marked with green crosses) that are placed throughout the game. Be careful though as not every stage or mission has one and they can only restore a finite amount of health points.

When all health points are lost the player loses a life and respawns at an earlier point in the stage. Unlike other games, losing all three lives isn’t game over because the player is given the option to restart the mission with a full complement of lives.

Like the LEGO Star Wars video games produced by Tt Games, the player moves through a 3D map, but instead of studs picks up crystals (yellow for two points), destroying equipment to reveal red crystals (five points) and taking out enemies (for blue crystal worth five points). Collecting these – as well as defeating enemies – contributes to the percentage completion of each mission.

In the first mission you learn combat skills of how to defend against and attack/destroy battle droids/clone troopers. By pressing X, the lightsabre swings, shots are deflected back and two hits destroys your enemy. Watch out for a possible extra shot fired before the enemy is destroyed! If there are multiple enemies shooting at you, standing still and trying to return all the shots is not the best tactic as you will get hit and lose health or lives. The best tactic is to approach enemies and press X repeatedly whilst forwards. Combine this with a dash attack (arrow-arrow-X) and the enemies will be destroyed in double-quick time.

The second mission introduces multiple stage levels. The first new technical skill to learn is how to pass the laser security gates that move back and forth. These vary from long and slow to short and fast and sometimes there are multiples of these with only a short safe zone in between. The way to pass these is to move towards a gate when it is coming towards you and press Z to jump or even Z-Z to double jump. Touching a laser will cost you health or loss of a life. Thankfully stages with these moving gates do not have enemies shooting at you on any mission.

Red force fields are added in the third mission. These turn on and off every few seconds and when they are off you can pass freely, but walking into one will cost health points. These are usually placed rather awkwardly between sets of the moving laser security gates making the short safe zone between the gates even shorter. Learning to run, jump and stop quickly is a quickly acquired skill.

Jumping from platform to platform over gaping chasms is first introduced in Mission 3 as an option for those collecting all the crystals but in Mission 5, this is compulsory to finish the level and you are being shot at whilst doing it! The best tactic is to destroy all the enemies before attempting the compulsory jumps. A further complication is that for some jumps, the platform is slightly lower but for the return, the platform is higher. The best tactic here is to double jump every time a jump is made. From Mission 6 onwards there are more stages, longer stages, more laser gates, more force fields, more platforms, and more enemies.

Reaching the final door – which turns green when all the required objectives are complete – allows the player to leave the level.


Light Side: Separatist forces have boarded a Venator-class Star Destroyer and have sabotaged the main sensor array – replacing it with their own, which Anakin must destroy.

Dark Side: Having boarded a Republic battleship, Asajj must fight her way to the sensor array and destroy it so that the one the Separatists have installed will work properly.

This opening mission is a simple combat skills stage. With the sensor array destroyed the player is rewarded with an achievement score before being returned to the galactic map. Here the next mission can be selected or a previous mission replayed.


Light Side: The Separatists have arrived with their cruiser and are stopping Anakin from progressing on his quest to find R2-D2. Boarding the Separatist ship, Anakin must destroy all the Battle Droids to capture the ship.

Dark Side: With her cruiser captured by the Grand Army of the Republic, Asajj must wipe out all the Clone Troopers on board so she can regain control.

This mission is the first with multiple stages. The first stage is the technical stage with the moving laser security gates and the second is a combat stage where all the enemies must be destroyed. Be sure to explore every nook, cranny and cupboard because there are a few hidden enemies that need to be eliminated to complete the mission.

Completing the mission upgrades the player’s rank to Gifted Knight and unlocks missions three and four.


Light Side: A subspace frequency filter generator on a nearby planet has mysteriously stopped working and Anakin has to get the device working again.

Dark Side: Travelling to a nearby planet, Asajj is tasked with destroying the Republic’s communication equipment that is stationed on the surface.

Another two stage mission with technical followed by combat with a Force build at the end of the mission, which is only made difficult by a lack of first aid stations and a single floor turret that comes out of the ground.


Light Side: The Separatists have planted a homing beacon inside one of the Republic’s starships that could reveal the location of towers being used to locate R2-D2. The beacon must be destroyed.

Dark Side: Republic forces have captured and reprogrammed a Separatist homing beacon and if Asajj can get to the beacon she can realign it to help find the droid detecting equipment that the Republic has installed nearby.

The first three stage mission: combat followed by technical and then combat again. The third and final stage provides the first appearance of a battle droid commander when Anakin is selected or an ARC trooper when Asajj has been selected. These advanced troops can shoot faster and take more damage, and once defeated the homing beacon can be destroyed/repaired using the Force.

Finishing this mission unlocks the fifth and sixth missions in The Quest For R2-D2.


Light Side: A huge army of battle droids have discovered Republic’s position and Anakin must destroy all the battle droids so they can hold the sector.

Dark Side: Republic forces are combing the surface of a nearby planet and Separatist command fears that they are getting close to finding R2-D2. Asajj just destroy all the Clone Troopers on the planet to prevent R2-D2 from being recovered.

Once again there are three stages – combat followed by technical and then combat again. This mission proves more of a test for the player who is trying to collect every crystal than the player who is focussed on hunting down the enemy. That’s not to say that this mission isn’t hard because the obligatory skills stage is quite the task as jumping from platform to platform, often at different heights is now a compulsory skill. The multitude of Battle Droids/Clone Troopers defending the last section of the third stage adds a final challenge. Adding to the mission’s difficulty for the Sith are the hidden floor turrets but the surprise contents hidden in crates at the end will make things a bit easier.

A bonus if you can find it, get to it and get back from it is the first platinum brick hidden away in the third stage.

The completion of the fifth mission upgrades the player’s rank to Gifted Commander.


Light Side: Separatist battle droids are approaching a sector of the galaxy where Republic ships are on patrol. Infiltrate their main ship and destroy all the battle droids.

Dark Side: Separatist engineers have discovered a planetary system where reduced subspace interference promises to improve their droid detection skills, but their ship is captured by the Republic. Asajj must recapture the vessel before Republic reinforcements arrive and secure the vessel.

A two stage mission with Technical followed by combat that is an equal mix of gymnastic capabilities to avoid the many security laser fences and combat prowess to ensure all the enemy forces are wiped out.

With this mission completed the seventh and eighth missions are available to be played.


Light Side: During the last battle, the Separatists stole a Republic amplifier and are now reengineering it to use against them. Find and reactivate the amplifier and it will create a subspace wave to knock out their entire defense system.

Dark Side: While still in control of the Separatist’s ship, Republic scientists have installed an amplifier that has disabled the entire Separatist defense grid. Asajj must repel the boarders and destroy the amplifier before it’s too late.

Another two stage mission with technical followed by combat and the only required platinum brick which unlocks Obi-Wan Kenobi or Count Dooku. To complete the mission, the amplifier must be repaired using the Force/destroyed.


Light Side: Find and destroy the source of the mystery noise from inside a Republic ship that is interfering with localising antennas. Separatist Battle Droids are suspected of sabotage so beware.

Dark Side: With the quest for R2-D2 getting more desperate, Asajj has been ordered to infiltrate a Republic star destroyer, and reconfigure their alternator to confuse their droid detection sensors.

Back to three stages for this mission – combat followed by technical and then combat again. At the end of the third stage, the alternator must be destroyed/repaired using the Force. There is another platinum brick hidden in the second stage and  Anakin now has the added foe of super battle droids at the end of the third stage. Before attempting to destroy/repair the alternator, the best tactic is to destroy all the enemies in the area otherwise health or lives could be lost whilst trying to finish the mission.

Upon completion the missions nine and ten are unlocked.


Light Side: The Republic has successfully confused the Separatists using a false droid distress signal, but a scouting team found and shut it down. Anakin must repair the device so that the Republic can continue their search for R2-D2.

Dark Side: Tasked with eliminating the fake signal that is causing Separatist tracking sensors to malfunction, Asajj must fight her way to the end of the stage and turn off the beacon that is causing interference.

The same formulaic three stage mission – combat followed by technical and then combat again. The growing number of battle droid commanders/super battle droids /ARC troopers makes this mission a real challenge but not one that can’t be beat. At the end of the third stage, the signal transmitter must be repaired using the Force/destroyed. Just before that, slightly off the main path, is another platinum brick.


Light Side: Both sides have planted triangulation nodes to help track down R2-D2. Destroy the Separatist devices to stop them finding R2-D2.

Dark Side: The latest triangulation technology is proving successful and Separatist search parties are getting closer to R2-D2 – but an enemy node is causing interference and Asajj must destroy it so the quest can continue.

This mission has a massive four stages: combat, followed by two technical stages and another combat stage. The fourth stage ends when the player has fought passed all the enemy forces – which, for Asajj, includes the first appearance of ARC commanders – and the node is destroyed. You really don’t need it, but try not to miss the platinum brick towards the end of the second stage as it offers skills upgrades upon completing the level.

Missions eleven and twelve are unlocked with the mastering of the tenth mission.


Light Side: A Republic attack gunship has been hit by Separatist lasers during a recon flight. The ship has the Republics best decoding experts on board who need to be rescued at any cost.

Dark Side: A crucial piece of equipment was lost when a Separatist shuttle disappeared on its way to the fleet and Asajj must discover its whereabouts and repair any damage so that it can deliver advanced droid locating technology to the Separatist searchers.

Back to three stages and short ones at that. These are the usual combat followed by technical and then combat again. Perhaps the shortest of the later missions, it doesn’t take long to find and fix the broken Attack Gunship/Separatist Shuttle. Don’t be too hasty or you’ll miss the platinum brick hidden in the second stage which will further enhance your character’s skills.


Light Side: Republic troopers are safe for now but their low-frequency transmitters are acting oddly so they are in fear of an ambush from Separatist Battle Droids. Scan the area and destroy all the Battle Droids.

Dark Side: Having deployed a squad of Battle Droids on a Republic-held planet, it’s up to Asajj to take out the remaining Grand Army of the Republic troops.

This time there are three stages, however they don’t follow the usual pattern. Instead there are two technical stages followed by a single combat stage. The first two stages consist of running, dodging and jumping laser fences that will lull the player into a false sense of security so that when you get to the third stage you won’t be prepared for the co-ordinated squad tactics.

Hopefully your recent skill upgrades from the platinum bricks will see you through. Due to the high number of enemies in stage three, trying to return all the blaster fire with a lightsabre is not an option here as there are just too many adversaries. Dash attacks and simply keeping moving will eventually get you to the end of the mission. Don’t forget to check all the cupboards in case any enemy troops are hiding, as well as looking out for another platinum brick.

Completing this mission opens missions thirteen and fourteen in The Quest For R2-D2.


Light Side: The quest is almost complete but before a final attack is made, all resistance needs to be eliminated. Anakin must capture the Separatist ship by surprise and destroy every battle droid on board before reinforcements arrive.

Dark Side: Despite a string of successful assaults against their enemy’s forces, Separatist intel suggests that the Republic believes that the Separatists have been over-stretched and are weak. Luring the Republic into a trap, Asajj must wipe out all the interlopers.

Back to the same formulaic three stage mission – combat followed by technical and then combat again. All enemies, and there are lots of them now, in both combat stages need to be destroyed before you are allowed to leave the stage or complete the mission. If you ge to the end and can’t exit the final stage you’ll need to go back through and hunt down any hidden enemies, because there are a few hiding spots scattered throughout the stages.


Light Side: A Separatist camp on a nearby planet has detected a signal from R2-D2 and they are far too close to finding him and his hidden blueprints. Anakin has to the planet and destroy the frequency filters receiving the signal.

Dark Side: A Separatist listening station has intercepted a transmission from R2-D2 but a vital piece of equipment has failed and the download was incomplete. Asajj must get to the broken equipment and repair it if the Separatist high command is going to stop the Republic getting the plans to their latest super weapon.

Similar to the tenth mission, this one has a massive four stages – a combat stage, two technical stages, followed by another combat stage. The objective to complete this level is realized in the fourth stage when the Separatist frequency filter has either been destroyed or repaired. This is a relatively simple Mission but it is the calm before the storm!


Light Side: Anakin’s quest is almost done. The Republic has located a position where the secret blueprints can be downloaded. Unfortunately, the Separatists have accessed the targeting computer, which must be deactivated to avert a disaster.

Dark Side: Luring the Republic fleet into a face-off which the Separatist command believes will deliver total victory, Asajj must board the Republic’s flagship and disable their turbolaser cannons.

The final mission has five stages, making this the largest level in the entire game. The stages are combat, technical, combat, technical and finally combat.  If you haven’t already mastered the dash attack, you could be in trouble as the enemies will soon over run you. In the third stage, follow the big arrow of yellow crystals and take a leap into the unknown to be rewarded with multiple platforms full of crystals and one final platinum brick to allow more skill upgrades that can be used to repeat and better previously played missions.

Finishing this mission for the first time rewards you with the a quarter of the blueprints to the Malevolence, Grievous’s new flagship, and at this point the player can download a PDF containing instructions to build the first section of the Malevolence, a model specially designed by LEGO Shows & Events Department designer Erik Varszegi.

Though repeating the game might sound daunting, the good news is that having completed the game once you’ll find that the next three times will be a lot easier, allowing you to quickly unlock the other characters and complete their missions so you can access all the blueprint files.

Having played through the game using the starting and unlockable characters you will have the full instructions to build this model – which will be the focus of the final part of our The Quest For R2-D2 series – or you can download them here:

Once you have realized that strategies, tactics, exploring and crystal gathering is a waste of time, it’s easy to get through each stage/mission in two or three minutes. A focussed player can head straight for the goal – either making a beeline for whatever piece of Republic/Separatist equipment needs dealing with or engaging in frenzied attacks against the enemy when all the battle droids or clone troopers need eliminating. Or if you prefer to take your time, you can go through and look for the numerous Easter eggs or try out the cheat codes that are tucked into the game.

Did you play this game when it first came out? Or did you get back into it more recently? Share your memories, tricks and tips in the comments below.

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