Mini Steps: The Evolution Of The Jawa Minifigure

Following this year’s May The 4th Be With You weekend where the annual GWP was 40451 Tatooine Homestead, this is the perfect time to look at the evolution of those little hooded creatures that scavenge the desert planet.

The first Jawa minifigure was released in 2005 when the first iteration of the Sandcrawler was released. This is the only version to come with a cape which was actually specifically designed for the Jawa. Three of them appeared in the set and then were not used again.


It would be nine years before another variant would be released – and not just one but two! The hood and legs were the same as the prior Jawa, but the torsos were updated and the eye print on the head was made larger. The first version – which featured updated pouch and strap printing – came in 75059 Sandcrawler, 75097 Star Wars Advent Calendar, and 75136 Droid Escape Pod. Both the Sandcrawler and Escape Pod had the other new Jawa included. Only the torso print was different and this time had gold trim and a gold buckle on the reverse.

The next pair of Jawas would come in 2018 with the release of yet another Sandcrawler but also a brand new set. The belt printing was once again slightly changed for the first Jawa in 75198 Tatooine Battle Pack and 75220 Sandcrawler. Both of these sets also came with a “tattered shirt” Jawa which features an additional orange layer of printing besides the straps and belt. This version would later come in 75271 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder and 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina as well.

Five variants for the Jawa isn’t a bad number given that their role is only as a background character. However, there are still possibilities for new variants to be created. The most likely would be included in a re-release of the Sandcrawler. Although it could be an Original Trilogy set, it could also be one aimed at The Mandalorian. Depending on the direction that The Book of Boba Fett takes there could be other scenes as well that would lend to a Jawa appearance. A less likely possibility is that the gray-robed Jawas seen in the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special could make it into physical form. Only time will tell!

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