75309 Republic Gunship: What We Know So Far

The long history that LEGO has with getting direct input from their fan base had another poll added to the list in January 2020, when they gave the public the opportunity to vote for the next Ultimate Collector Series set.

Given the choice of a TIE Bomber, Nebulon-B Frigate (both from The Empire Strikes Back) as well as a Republic Dropship (as seen in Attack of the Clones) around 40,000 votes were cast in the 12-day voting window that culminated in the announcement that the LAAT/i had carried the day with a whopping 75% of the ballots.

Since the official proclamation that LEGO would release a UCS Republic Gunship – which of course meant that the high-end set scheduled for October/September 2020 wouldn’t be part of the Ultimate Collector Series subtheme – only one update has been shared, leaving fans wondering when this highly anticipated set would get its official reveal.

When the announcement that LEGO was going to host an online convention at the LEGO House in Billund – and reveal some new Star Wars sets – fans speculated that the Gunship would get its public premiere at LEGO CON. This wasn’t to be, and San Diego Comic-Con At Home at the end of June (23 to 25th) became the next likely option. So it came as quite a surprise when LEGO teased that the live reveal would take place on Youtube on June 15th instead!

Being an Ultimate Collector Series set – a subtheme that has had a wide and varied history of definitions and criteria since its inception in 2000 – collectors had some expectations of what would be included, and recent additions (like 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer) to the subtheme had included a display base, data plate and a couple of minifigures.

Speculation was rife and fingers were crossed for a re-imagining of Jedi Bob, the random Jedi minifigure that was included with 7163 Republic Gunship (whose name was made canon in the LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary in 2009). Recent rumors have focussed on Mace Windu and clone trooper with yellow markings (that could be a pilot or commander minifigure), which have been confirmed by the early image of this new UCS set that has been floating around on Instagram.


The data plate, which details important facts and statistics about the standard infantry troop transport that the Grand Army of the Republic utilized during its war to prevent the schism of the Galactic Republic, as well as a display stand that makes it look like the model is hovering on repulsor lifts is included.

Aimed at the 18+ market, the new Republic Gunship comes packed in the glamorous black packaging that has come to epitomize the UCS line.

As for part count and price (rumored to be 3292 elements and $349.99 according to BrickCatch.com), special features, and global release date, you’ll have to engage your patience chip and wait for the grand reveal tomorrow.

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