First Pics Of The 75319 The Armourer’s Mandalorian Forge: Is It An Exclusive?

When the trickle – whether accidental, controlled or promoted – of information about the Summer wave of LEGO Star Wars sets failed to include anything about the rumored Beskar Forge, fans began to wonder what was going on.

Now, after weeks of silence, the first image of 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge has popped up, thanks to lego_news_2021_ on Instagram.

According to Promobricks this image surfaced when an un-named online store posted a header graphic that included this set as a thumbnail (which explains the persisting grainy nature of the image that is currently circulating).

This surprisingly sizeable model (which is predicted to cost $30 but at 258 pieces this may be setting the bar a bit low) of the beskar smithy that is hidden under the surface of Nevarro comes with the expected hearth, as well as a doorway and a tool shelf, and includes three minifigures – The Mandalorian (the same minifigure that came with 75299 Trouble on Tatooine), The Armorer wearing a horned helmet and Paz Vizsla, who has the chest armor element that comes with the new Wrecker minifigure that comes with 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle.

Its failure to appear in the recently uploaded Japanese catalog which inadvertently included the Summer wave of LEGO Star Wars sets, until those pages were deleted, has led to speculation that the set will be a retail exclusive. The current favorite amongst collectors in the United States is Walmart, and the suggestion by Promobricks that it will hit shelves in September does support the potential exclusivity of this set.

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