Summer Wave In The Wild

It’s as inevitable as a re-released landspeeder set: the embargoed Summer wave sets have already started popping up early in Canada and the United States. The wave, which is entirely inspired by three smash-hit Star Wars TV shows (The Mandalorian, Rebels and The Clone Wars), isn’t officially due out until August 1st.

Over in Reddit-land, member No-Brick shared the news that he had found the entire general retail wave at branch of MasterMind Toys near Toronto, Canada.

There’s nothing surprising about finding these on shelves ahead of schedule, and it’s particularly common with small toy stores that have to compete with the high foot flow big box chain stores, so it was remarkable to read in the LEGO Star Wars Collectors group on Facebook that The Big Shop in LEGOLAND Florida also has them out and available to purchase.

If you’re not in the right area or want to earn (or use) VIP points, and you’re willing to wait a few weeks then you can get them direct from LEGO brand stores or online:

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