75296 Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber: Minifig Focus

The 18+/Adult Collector subtheme has introduced several sets recently that have long been missed. By focusing on sets that are interesting to an older market, LEGO has recreated some of the most iconic scenes and ships from the galaxy far, far away.

75296 Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber is the most recent addition to the subtheme and is based on Vader’s second meditation chamber which was part of his flagship, the Executor. In The Empire Strikes Back Veers notifies Darth Vader that Admiral Ozzel has emerged from lightspeed prematurely which alerted the Rebels to their presence. The ensuing scene is captured by the stickered screen.

Darth Vader

During Revenge of the Sith we watch as the fallen Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker is transformed into the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Vader will be the villainous focus in the Original Trilogy before he saves Luke Skywalker and is deemed good again.

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in all of science fiction; even those who aren’t Star Wars fans can recognize him. LEGO has featured him in numerous sets, and there are 26 recognized variants making him one of the most released minifigures.

This version is arguably the best one to date and is identical to the one included in 75294 Bespin Duel. Like many prior versions it continues to feature printed legs, but this version is notable for its printed arms. It uses the same double-sided white head as several other versions. Star Wars minifigures seem to bounce between the traditional fabric cape and the newer spongy material, but this minifigure comes with the firmer “starched” version. Lastly it capitalizes on LEGO’s type 2 helmet which features both the collar portion as well as the helmet itself.

General Maximillian Veers

Maximillian Veers is a general in the Galactic Empire’s army. While we do see him in his officer’s uniform, most of his time is spent with his chest armor and open-faced helmet on.

After seeing General Veers’ interaction with Darth Vader, he is sent to Hoth in order to face the Rebel Alliance who has been stationed there. He commands a squadron of AT-AT walkers to attack the base and shield generator on the icy planet.

This is the first version of Veers to not be seen in his AT-AT gear. It is an easy swap though since the Imperial cap element has been in use since 2014. The torso print is unique and features his rank badge and code cylinder. The head print is also brand new with a somewhat worried expression as he knows that failure is not an option. The minifig is completed with plain dark gray legs. He comes equipped with a blaster rifle.

You will soon find both of these minifigures on the LSW Collector app available for both Apple and Android devices. There are now over 1200 unique minifigures so having a way to keep track of them all is essential, and there is no better option than LSW Collector!

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