Game Of Thrones: 75310 Duel On Mandalore

Making its first appearance as long ago as the second season of The Clone Wars in 2010, it wasn’t until the animated series got its reprieve an entire decade later, when the seventh season (which actually comprised of the remaining twelve episodes that should have formed the show’s sixth and final season), that the face-off depicted in 75310 Duel On Mandalore saw the light of day.

Falling afoul of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, the show was canceled in 2013 – a week after the conclusion of the fifth season – and the 13 completed episodes of season six were set aside. Languishing in the Unknown Regions for a year, a broadcast deal was negotiated between Disney, Lucasfilm, German TV network Super RTL, ABC Television, and Netflix, and the missing episodes – dubbed The Lost Missions – were aired in Germany and North America early in 2014.

This remained as the status quo, with fans left with the lingering knowledge that there were still tales to be told and The Clone Wars wouldn’t be over – despite the issuing of Order 66 – until the final installments were released.

News of that the missing episodes, officially named The Final Season so there would be no ambiguity – came during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 when the show’s series’ supervising director, Dave Filoni, announced its revival.

Beginning in early February 2020 and culminating on May 4th, a dozen new episodes were broadcast around the world, bringing closure to fans and the war that divided the Star Wars galaxy.

Rather than having the chronological order that the other seasons conformed to, the seventh season acted as a denouement for a number of gaps in the overall story and consisted of a trio of four-episode story arcs. The last act explained how Ahsoka liberated Mandalore from Darth Maul (as well as how she and Captian Rex survived the turmoil of Order 66) and saw the Mandalorian throne room in the Sundari Royal Palace as the location of a pivotal sequence of events, which LEGO has depicted in this addition to the LEGO Star Wars theme.

75310 Duel on Mandalore

Young fans can reimagine thrilling action from Star Wars: The Clone Wars with this portable 75310 Duel on Mandalore buildable playset. It features a LEGO® brick-built throne with a secret drawer containing a blaster pistol, plus a decorative surround including a pop-out window element – ideal for throwing a LEGO minifigure through! Kids will also love the Mandalorian vault for imprisoning Darth Maul.

Exciting battles
The set includes 2 LEGO minifigures: Ahsoka Tano with 2 lightsabers and Darth Maul with a double-bladed lightsaber for action-packed duels. A super gift idea for young Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans, it comes with step-by-step instructions so even LEGO newcomers can enjoy the building experience.

Awesome building toys for kids
The LEGO Group has been recreating iconic starships, vehicles, locations and characters from the Star Wars™ universe since 1999. LEGO Star Wars has become its most successful theme, with a variety of fun sets to excite creative kids and adults too.

  • Kids will love recreating epic lightsaber battles from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and playing out their own action-packed stories with this Duel on Mandalore (75310) building toy.
  • Includes 2 LEGO® minifigures: Ahsoka Tano with 2 lightsabers and Darth Maul with a double-bladed lightsaber to play out battles.

Features a buildable throne with a secret drawer containing a blaster pistol, a decorative surround including a pop-out window element, plus a Mandalorian vault with space for a LEGO® minifigure. Awesome for solo or group play, this building toy makes the best birthday present, holiday gift or fun treat for creative kids aged 7 and up who are into Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The throne measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 3 in. (8 cm) wide and 2.5 in. (7 cm) deep, so this compact set will fit easily in a child’s backpack ready for play wherever they go. Thinking of buying this 147-piece set for someone new to building with LEGO® bricks? No problem. It comes with illustrated, step-by-step instructions so they can build with confidence. There are LEGO® Star Wars™ sets to thrill fans of all ages, whether they want to recreate memorable scenes, roleplay their own stories or just build and display the authentic buildable models. LEGO® components meet stringent industry standards to ensure a simple, secure connection every time – it’s been that way since 1958. LEGO® bricks and pieces are tested in almost every way imaginable to make sure they satisfy rigorous safety standards.

AgesPiecesVIP PointsItem

With two bags, a couple of stickers and a small instruction book, there isn’t much to this set and the distracted builder will be able to complete the build in less time than it takes to watch the tenth and eleventh episodes, in which this set appears, of the seventh season of The Clone Wars.

The modest throne of Mandalore is reasonably well represented by LEGO, with its simple shape and brutal aesthetics portrayed in light gray slopes, the leaf elements and window element add a touch of color to the monolithic wall that backs up the playset. Add to this the Mandalorian sarcophagus – the Force-proof vault that a captured Maul is imprisoned in – plus two minifigures and you’ve constructed the entire set.

Returning unchanged from her last appearance in 75283 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) is Ahsoka Tano, whose tentacled headpiece is still the one designed for sw0309 Shaak-Ti in 2011. Alongside the Jedi Knight is Darth Maul, who was resurrected in the fourth season of The Clone Wars and given a pair of mechanical legs – which LEGO does a surprisingly good job of replicating. This time around he has a brand new torso print to enjoy.

Being the smallest of all the LEGO Star Wars sets released in the Summer wave in 2021, fans of the theme were not impressed with the $19.99 price tag. Commentary surrounding 75310 Duel on Mandalore suggested that LEGO was cashing in on the popularity of the two included minifigures, and the community compared this set to other sets of similar part and minifigure counts to illustrate that it was around 25% more expensive than it needed to be.

On its own, it isn’t a strong set – the only real play feature is the so-called popout window, and the gun cache hidden under the throne doesn’t add much excitement. Regardless of the proportions of the throne, which is somewhat oversized due to the nature of LEGO bricks, it is the vault that is the highlight of the set. It perfectly reflects the original seen in Shattered, and with Maul’s minifigural eyes peaking out of the windowed sticker, it is almost worth buying the set for this accessory alone.

This new set is available now at, Target in the United StatesAmazon.comWalmart.comEntertainment Earth (pre-order), BigWArgos, Barnes & Noble or a nearby LEGO branch and get your’s today (MSRP $19.99).

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