Ideas Jubilates LEGO Star Wars Fan Art

The team at LEGO Ideas is asking you to think outside the frame in their latest community activity – A Galaxy of Art.

Let out your inner artist in this activity where we challenge you to create little pieces of LEGO Star Wars art. It could be minifigure sketches, drawn comic book covers, or digital artwork. The galaxy is the limit!

Whether you’re an old-fashioned doodler, enjoy taking minifigures into the real world and documenting their adventures, paint bedroom murals, like to make digital dioramas, tag walls, enjoy drawing your own comic strips or consider yourself a bit of a Bricksy – no medium is excluded – then you can participate in the current LEGO Ideas Activity, which runs until Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CEST (4 a.m. EST).

There are a few guidelines to adhere to, and so as long as it doesn’t break any of the LEGO Ideas activity rules, depicts still LEGO life in a Star Wars light, and – most importantly – you are the original creator of all creative work you submit, then you’re good to go.

As per usual, there are or prizes for this activity – in fact, it isn’t even a competition because it’s all about community sharing. So plug your imagination into the nav comp and get ready to make the jump to hyper-creativity!

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