The Boys Are Back: The Bad Batch Minifigure Breakdown

All of the sets released in this wave, 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle has the highest number of new minifigures. When rumors of this set first dropped, it was quite a shock that all five members would appear in the same set.

As the first season of The Bad Batch comes to a close – and the second season just announced – there are several sets that could have split up the team. However, we are glad to have all five plus a GNK Droid added in LEGO form.


First up is Crosshair who has become the bad guy of the season. He is the only member of the Bad Batch who comes with a black body.

The torso print and leg print are both unique and represent his Elite Squad Trooper armor. The LEGO version uses the standard Clone Trooper helmet but cast in black for the first time. Surprisingly, a uniquely printed head completes the assembly with his characteristic crosshair marking. He is equipped with a long blaster to represent his 775 Firepuncher sniper rifle.


Originally an ARC Trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic, Echo is the only non-original member of Clone Force 99. He was rescued by the Bad Batch from a Separatist research facility on Skako Minor where he was turned into a cyborg.

He comes with pearl dark gray armor that has a unique print. A major miss for this character was the lack of kama, but his leg printing does reflect this. While many were hopeful for a mechanical arm, LEGO settled for giving him a light bluish-gray hand on one side which opens up the possibility for a future upgrade in another set. Like all the members of the Bad Batch he has a unique head print under the helmet. He comes equipped with his DC-17 hand blaster.


Possessing a natural talent (or perhaps it was part of his genetic modification?) for leadership, Hunter is the gruff – but friendly – non-commissioned officer of the Bad Batch.

The warpaint on his helmet is the signature feature and is well-captured on the LEGO version. Just like Echo he gets a pearl dark gray Clone Trooper helmet which until the Bad Batch had never been made in this color. He also comes with a brand new torso and leg printing to represent his Katarn-class Commando Armor. Perhaps the best part of this figure is the unique head print which again shows his warpaint and the characteristic red bandana. He is equipped with his weapon of choice – the vibro-knife.


Despite being the brains of the Bad Batch, Tech is just as skilled in combat as the rest of the squad. Due to his genetic mutations, he appeared leaner, fairer, and younger than other clone troopers.

He wore heavily modified Scout Trooper armor which was noticeably lighter than the rest of the Bad Batch, and LEGO has captured this by using light bluish-gray elements. He of course has a unique torso and leg printing.

He is the only member of Clone Force 99 to get a brand new helmet mold. No need for C-3PO because Tech’s translation visor can interpret other languages on its own. Although it is a little oversized, it is a particularly good representation! His headprint shows him with his green-tinted goggles. His look is completed with a brick-built backpack, and he comes with a pair of DC-17 hand blasters.


As his name suggests, Wrecker is the brawn of the Bad Batch; he is loud and brash and enjoys openly expressing his opinions nearly as much as he does big explosions.

He is much larger than the other members of the Bad Batch which is difficult to capture when the LEGO minifigure has a standardized size. In order to represent this, Wrecker comes with shoulder armor to bolster his size. Although he uses the same torso and legs as Hunter, his armor continues the torso print to appear as one piece.

Capitalizing on an element that has been used in the Super Hero theme for the past few years, his helmet comes with his own unique design. His scarred face is printed on the head under the helmet. He wields a DC-17m repeating blaster rifle.

Gonk Droid

While not everyone appreciates the brick-built droids or considers them minifigures, this power droidd at least deserves a quick mention.

In recent years the largely unsung Power Droid has enjoyed cult popularity and with it, the number of GNKs included in sets has increased considerably. This droid is comprised of 20 pieces and is a more accurate design than prior iterations. The recognizable difference is its black feet.

For once, all five members of a character group is available in a single set instead of being spread over multiple sets (like the Knights of Ren were), and the design on each is worthy of the price. The only omission is Omega which is surely destined to come in a future set.

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