The Empire Strikes Back: Done In 63 Scenes

One fan has spent a year and a half carefully storyboarding, building, photographing, and editing his way to re-telling The Empire Strikes Back in a whopping hand-built 63 scenes – and now his photo collection of ready for your screen!

Eurobricks member Hauke Jürgensen, aka Codyaner, has posted that he has just completed the follow-up project to his 54 scene re-telling of A New Hope, a photographing retelling of The Empire Strikes Back entirely made up of custom-built vignettes.

His goal in this long-term project was to re-create his favorite Star Wars movie entirely out of LEGO, covering all the most iconic scenes.

“After watching the movie like for the 200x time in my life and making notes of which scenes I wanted to build I had quite a long list of 60+ scenes.” Jürgensen shared.

Having already completed a similar project for A New Hope, he wanted to give his next effort as much attention and committed himself to building all the backgrounds for Hoth, Dagobah and Cloud City, as well as custom-made models. In fact, the only official LEGO products are the tauntaun, wampa and minifigures.

Head over to the full album – a gallery that is no doubt going to quickly become the hottest source of desktop wallpapers – of his photo book, and enjoy all the re-telling of The Empire Strikes Back in full, high-resolution glory.

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  1. Holy heck — every one of those scenes is impressive in its own right. Let alone dozens of different builds! Nice lighting and other effects, too.

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