LEGO Celebrates The Season In Star Wars Style

Last year’s holiday special push was impressive in its coordination between the Disney+ show, retail sets, and other purchasable goods such as LEDs and the plush toys. It appears that LEGO is ready to make Halloween just as special!

Earlier today five spooky shorts were added to YouTube to pair with the upcoming Terrifying Tales.

Carving Up the Competition

Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul have an epic pumpkin carving duel in the Mandalore throne room. Bo Katan cheers Ahsoka on while Gar Saxon and troops root for Darth Maul. Who’s going to create the winning Jack-O’-Lantern? Tune in & find out!

Ghost Ship

As Moff Gideon and Stormtroopers play cards aboard his light cruiser, strange ghostly happenings terrify them. The Mandalorian and Grogu also happen to be sneaking around the ship… so is it really haunted? Find out!

Scary Starship

It’s a decorating contest for Boba Fett’s starship as Boba and the Mandalorian keep trying to one up each other with wild and creepy designs. However, an expected winner emerges to put both Boba & the Mandalorian to shame with their design. Watch the video to find out who wins the competition, if you dare!

The Pumpkin Batch

In a scary pumpkin patch, the Bad Batch take out battle droid guards in order to retrieve pumpkins for a grateful village. All seems to be going according to plan, until an old friend shows up to spoil the fun.


As the Mandalorian searches door to door for Grogu in Moff Gideon’s light cruiser he comes across something… unusual. The Stormtroopers are celebrating and handing out candy. Will the Mandalorian be able to find Grogu despite the Halloween festivities?

It will be exciting to see if any more related pieces are released before the end of next month! In the meantime, which of these is your favorite clip?

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