LSW Collector Now On Android Devices

LSW Collector is the only mobile application dedicated to the tracking of your LEGO Star Wars minifigure collection! Initially released for iOS in 2019, the goal was to broaden it to more devices. While the process took longer than expected, it has now been made available for Android.

The app has a clean, simple design but packs all of the most important information needed to manage your collection and wanted lists. Variants can be distinguished by description, year of release, and what set(s) it has been included in. Images of both the front and reverse are included for all minifigures, and those with closed helmets have an additional photo to reveal the head underneath.

With over 1200 unique minifigure variants it is essential to have a way of keeping track. This is why the app was created. After all necessity is the mother of invention.

Besides cataloging your collection, the app has two other features that have been included in subsequent updates which are quite exciting. One of these is the Price Guide feature. While no pricing resource is ever perfect, the app draws from sold listings and presents the user with an estimated average for new and used minifigs. The pricing data is updated monthly to keep buyers informed and help them to make the best purchases possible.

The second feature is unique to LSW Collector which is the inclusion of a Bonus Series. This section is a list of minifigure variants that are not officially recognized by BrickLink and therefore Brickset since it obtains its minifigure data from BrickLink. These are minifigures that have some portion of the printing that has changed from the standard minifigure. Vintage toy collectors have found numerous variations over time that have varying degrees of rarity and value, and the concept is applicable to LEGO as well.

There is no end in sight for the LEGO Star Wars theme which means that the minifigure catalog will only continue to expand. Whether you are a casual collector or a minifigure completionist, LSW Collector can be useful to you. Head over to the App Store or Google Play to get started!

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