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We could put it to a vote, but I’d wager a bet that the majority would rule podracing as the best part of The Phantom Menace. LEGO has made a good number of podracers so far, but there are two that have been made numerous times. Sebulba’s pod with its starkly contrasting orange and black colors has been put in four sets: 7171 Mos Espa Podrace, 4485 Sebulba’s Podracer & Anakin’s Podracer, 7962 Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers, and 9675 Sebulba’s Podracer & Tatooine.

  • Episode I The Phantom Menace
  • Chapter 4 Mos Espa Pod Race
  • Pieces: 32
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.5 x 4.5 studs

Mini Review

This is the first officially created mini-scale vehicle to become a minikit. Although the order of the steps is different, the model is actually built identical to set 4485 minus the parts for the stand. However, this exclusion – while not needed for a digital model – makes it impossible to display the minikit. The cockpit and engines have no other way of connecting. Therefore in order to complete the model we recommend the use of the following parts:

  • 30359b Trans-Clear Bar 1 x 8 with Brick 1 x 2 Curved Top End (Axle Holder Inside Small End) x 1
  • 4740 Trans-Clear Dish 2 x 2 Inverted (Radar) x 2
  • 2555 Light Bluish Gray Tile, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip x 1

Since the game was released in 2005, the model has been updated with light bluish gray and dark bluish gray parts to be consistent with the color change that occurred. Overall this is a quick build that can be pieced together using all common elements.

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