Outside Dexter’s Diner: The Video Game Minikits – Sith Infiltrator

Although commonly known as the Sith Infiltrator, Darth Maul’s ship was a heavily modified Star Courier called Scimitar. This ship has been realized in numerous forms: System scale – 7151, 7663, 7961, 75096; Microfighter – 75224; Micro scale – 9509; and Mini-scale – 4493, the April 2020 issue of the LSW Magazine, and the SDCC 2012 Exclusive. One in particular would serve as the basis for this minikit.

  • Episode I The Phantom Menace
  • Chapter 6 Darth Maul
  • Pieces: 53
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 18 x 7.3 studs

Mini Review

This minikit is the second one to be based on a retail model, and the build is nearly identical to the 4493 Sith Infiltrator. This means that the build overall is enjoyable and goes together well. Compared to the retail model a few changes have been made by swapping a few of the plates. The container at the rear of the ship is weakly attached but adding the printed dish on top makes it more stable. The two printed elements are unique to the set and would be the most difficult to acquire. However, buying the retail set and the couple of additional parts that are swapped is the most economical way to complete this minikit.

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