Rumored Luke Skywalker Lightsaber GWP Surface

MOC Luke Skywalker lighsaber

The rash of rumors that have been circulating recently – which has included a forthcoming BrickHeadz, new helmets additions to the Hoth line-up and next year’s UCS set – have taken a big leap forward with today’s addition: an 18+ Luke Skywalker Lightsaber exclusive.

Popping up in the story cycle of Instagram user Stud-D, this replica of the lightsaber that Luke used until he suffered from a metacarpal bifurcation at the hands of Darth Vader on Bespin came as a sudden surprise. Similar in style to 6346098 Yoda’s Lightsaber, which was given away with initial orders of 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina, this addition comes in the same 18+/Adult Collector subtheme black packaging that 75294 Bespin Duel and 75296 Darth Vader Meditation Chamber have come in.

When it first appeared, the rumor stated that – because the sample was purchased from an unnamed retailer – it was likely to be a retail exclusive. However, Stu-D corrected his statement 3 hours later with the news that it would be a gift with purchase (GWP) and made available during this year’s Black Friday (26 November) sales event. Those who follow LEGO Star Wars scuttlebutt have already connected the predicted shelf date for the heavily-rumored UCS AT-AT with this suggested release.

Early rumors of an October/November GWP indicated that a midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer, complete with an unknown Imperial naval officer minifigure, was on the cards. That is now being refuted in favor of Luke’s lightsaber.

This set, which is said to have 173 pieces, has been tagged with a set number of 40483 – an identifier that no other LEGO community blogs (including recognize.

LEGO has a proven track record of using event exclusives to pilot new modeling concepts and soft launch new lines – such as the micro-build vignettes, MicroFighters, busts, and (most recently with the release of Yoda’s Lightsaber following the cancellation of last year’s San Diego Comic-Con) prop replicas – before products are introduced to the general public.

Looking at this trend a bit more closely it’s clear that LEGO prefers to trial a concept at least twice (two micro-builds, three MicroFighters, and two busts from various conventions support the argument), and so the probability that an Adult Collector line of prop replica lightsabers could occur, just as we suggested a year ago.

What are your thoughts? Would you welcome a retail line of model lightsabers or would you prefer to see them kept as exclusives? Share them below with fellow readers.

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