75309 Republic Gunship: Second Edition Now Appearing

Accidentally creating a first generation UCS Republic Gunship set when they inadvertently printed the Imperial logo on the front of the box, The LEGO Group has now fixed this error – and the correct Republic logo has started to appear on packaging, as one Facebooker discovered today.

Corrected and erroneous emblems (Photo credit: Benny Balois)

For those who haven’t kept a close eye on this set, despite the images included in the press kit released images when 75309 Republic Gunship was revealed on July 15th and on the LEGO website when it became available for online orders, the final product in the initial production run came with a glaring error – the Imperial logo had been inadvertently been placed where the Republic logo should have been.

And now, thanks to Bantha Bricks FB group member Benny Balois, who picked one of these second edition boxes up at a LEGO store in Miami today, we know these are starting to trickle out.

Creating quite a stir amongst the LEGO blogosphere, who quickly jumped on the error, LEGO promptly responded with assurances that they were aware of the mix-up and had already made moves to ensure the next batch of boxes printed for the second production run would have the right emblem on it.

Republic (left) and Imperial (right) logos

Collectors, obsessed with accuracy down to the smallest details, expected these “second edition” boxes to arrive in December when the set was predicted due for a stock refresh – but with LEGO.com and brand stores frequently running out of stock and unable to meet demands, the second production run was brought forward by two months.

This isn’t the first time LEGO has made running changes to boxes, and the question if the incorrectly applied Imperial roundel will become a sought-after variation remains to be seen.

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