Does An Upcoming Announcement Point To New UCS AT-AT Set?

The latest whispers coming from the darkest corners of the LEGO community are predicting that a big announcement concerning a new set is just around the corner.

With rumors that LEGO has sent out review offers for an un-named set, numbered 75313, to a select number of influencers starting to circulate, it has been suggested that the announcement for the highly speculated AT-AT will be made in three weeks time.

Those receiving the invitation to receive and review the mystery set – which is marked as due for release on November 26th – have been informed that sharing any information (including photographs) is embargoed until November 9th.

Followers of the Bring Home The Bounty marketing campaign – the 12-week program that reveals new products inspired by the entire Star Wars portfolio – at will recall that the elected reveal day is Tuesday, so it won’t come as a surprise that November 9th falls on the second day of the week.

While this circumstantial evidence is suggestive that the enigmatic 75313 is indeed a special Star Wars set, there is no telling if the upcoming reveal will be the UCS AT-AT that has been at the top of many fans’ want lists or if LEGO has something else up their sleeve.

It’s worth bearing in mind that despite a huge number of successful predictions this year, there have been a few leaks that were wrong – including the vintage pickup truck that came out in the middle of 2021 which a number of member sites of the LEGO blogosphere believed was a Delorean – so all of these conjectural clues may be off the mark.

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