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The Heavy Missile Platform (HMP) droid gunship was a type of aircraft built by the Geonosians and used throughout the Clone Wars. This ship has been released in System scale with 7678, 75042, and 75233, micro-scale with the 2016 Advent Calendar, and near-mini-scale with the November 2017 issue of the Star Wars magazine. Why The Video Game decided to call it a drop ship is anyone’s guess!

  • Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith
  • Chapter 1 Battle Over Coruscant
  • Pieces: 51
  • Dimensions: 14.9 x 15.3 x 6.6 studs

Mini Review

This minikit is an excellent depiction of the actual droid gunship and is a welcome addition since it has not been made in the size previously. The model fits right in with the other minikits. The only connection between the two halves of the ship is the hinge elements which makes it feel somewhat unstable. However, as pictured above, the addition of a few trans clear elements makes it more stable but also displayable. The actual in-game build uses sand blue elements, but the large dish on top has never been released in this color. While some of the other parts can be found in sand blue, the decision was made to stick with all light and dark gray pieces to keep the build uniform. Doing so sacrifices the color which would have made the minikit stand out, but allows it to be built identical to the game. The light bluish gray dish is still an expensive part and will run you at least a few dollars on the secondary market. The remaining parts can be acquired easily.

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