Mini Steps: The Evolution Of The General Veers Minifigure

In continuing the trend of our Hoth-inspired Mini Steps let’s take a look at Maximillian Veers. This General in the Galactic Empire is seen on screen in Vader’ Chamber as well as on battlefield of the ice planet.


LEGO introduced the first General Veers minifigure in 2007 with the release of 10178 Motorized Walking AT-AT. He came with plain dark gray legs and reused the torso from prior Imperial Officer minifigures. A new helmet mold had been created that year for him and the AT-ST Driver found in 7657 AT-ST. Veers also shared the same head print as this minifigure.


Three years later the next version came in 8129 AT-AT Walker. Although he was a complete redesign from the prior version it felt like a bit of a backslide. The helmet design was the same but had been changed to light bluish gray plastic. This version still included plain dark gray legs, but the torso printing had been updated to reflect his armored breastplate. However, this same torso was used on the Officer found in 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack. In fact the only difference between that Officer and this version of Veers was the mouth and chin printing on the head.


The next version felt like the proper upgrade we deserved. Veers got an updated torso print which was finally unique to his character as well as the only helmet made in sand blue. He also received a unique head print which aged him considerably. This Veers was exclusive to 75054 AT-AT.


With some changes to the torso printing and a new face print, the next General Veers looked considerably better than the last version. He was the first to come with dual-sided head printing, and most importantly came with a repurposed Solo Mudtrooper helmet made in sand blue! He is exclusive to 75288 AT-AT.


This year brought us the first version of Veers to not be seen in his AT-AT gear. It was an easy swap though since the Imperial cap element has been in use since 2014. The torso print is unique and features his rank badge and code cylinder. The head print is also brand new. This version is exclusive to 75296 Darth Vader’s Meditation Chamber.


After fourteen years it was finally time for Veers to get a change in pants. He has traded in his plain gray legs for dual-molded ones with black boots. The torso, head, and helmet printing all remain the same as the prior Battle version. This version will be included in 75313 AT-AT.

There likely won’t be another General Veers for several years since there aren’t many opportunities for his inclusion. However, this most recent version is essentially perfect and likely couldn’t be improved upon.

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