This Is How We Play: The Race Is ON!

Tapping into the seemingly inexhaustible pool of talent that the LEGO Star Wars community represents, LEGO reached out to stop-motion artist Forrest Whaley, whose Youtube channel demonstrates his combined love of LEGO and animation skills, to help promote the Summer wave of LEGO Star Wars sets that came out on August 1st.

Have your own races with minifigures and builds from across the galaxy! Check out this amazing space race Brick Film by LEGO Star Wars™ fan Forrest Whaley who’s made his adventure exciting and so real!

Whaley, who has been producing stop-motion LEGO short films for over 10 years and has contributed to the recent Robot Chicken episode that paid homage to Palpatine’s swingamajig on Exegol, put the 1 minute and 38 second-long short together in his home studio.

You can check out the making-of reels to learn more about his techniques and studio set-up which, most interestingly of all, includes a basic rear-projection rig similar to the one used in The Mandalorian.

Be sure to follow @forrest_whaley to get notifications of updates – including a live stream where Whaley and co-creator Augustus Danko (aka onbeatman) will go through the video, shot by shot, and answer viewer questions.

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