30495 AT-ST Polybag: First In, Best Dressed?

Hot-footing it into the New Year is this brand-new mini-scale version of the chicken walker that had an infamous cameo during the Battle of Hoth (which is captured in the background of the set’s packaging)!

While you wait for this first LEGO Star Wars polybag of 2022 to hit the pegs, why not grab the set’s instructions and build your own? It is made of 79 common household bricks and shouldn’t prove a challenge. You could even shorten the legs to give it a less derpy/AT-DP look if you feel up to it.

If the new 75322 Hoth AT-ST is a bit of a stretch for your budget – or you just can’t find it in stock anywhere – then look no further than 30495 AT-ST. With an unconfirmed $4.99 price tag and believed to be a Target exclusive, you should expect to see this set appearing in the impulse aisle of supermarkets – as well as the polybag stand at LEGO branded stores – in the next few weeks.

With only one polybag in 2020 and 2021, fans are hoping that 2022 will have a selection at least on par with 2019 which had a whopping five polybags.

What do you think of this new mini model? Do you have any thoughts on the decline of the LEGO Star Wars polybag? Share them in our comments section below – you never know who’s checking them…

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