Toy Fair 2022: What To Expect…

The start of the toy fair season – that time of the year when the toy industry throws open its doors and showcases their upcoming offerings – is upon us, and hints are already beginning to drop.

Starting in the United Kingdom, the first event of the international toy fair of the year circuit takes place in London between January 25th and 27th, before moving on to Germany where the city of Nuremberg hosts Spielwarenmesse from February 2nd and 6th and then culminating in the toy-fair-to-end-all-toy-fairs; the North American International Toy Fair held in New York at the end of February (19th to 22nd).

Unfortunately, at the time of publishing this report, all but London’s toy fair have been canceled, leaving many in the toy industry in limbo – as well as quite a few gaps in the publishing schedules of many LEGO news sites.

UPDATE: since posting this article, LEGO has canceled its attendance at London Toy Fair and will instead connect with their customers and partners online to share their 2022 products.

Thankfully the void is being filled by a very credible leak that comes via Electric Bricks, a recognized LEGO retailer in Spain who posted listings of a large number of Summer 2022 sets – including eight previously unlisted set numbers that are being attached to the LEGO Star Wars theme.

According to the #legoleaks Instagram community who grabbed the new info before it got taken down, in addition to the previously rumored 2022 sets, the following are due out on August 1st, the traditional release date of the Summer wave:

  • 75323 unknown set – $159.99
  • 75332 unknown set (possibly 4+) – $29.99
  • 75333 unknown set – $29.99
  • 75334 unknown set – $49.99
  • 75335 unknown set – $99.99
  • 75336 unknown set – $99.99
  • 75337 unknown set – $139.99

Also slated for August, but not expected to drop on the 1st (much like the 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge) is 75336, which has a $99.99 price tag. And coming in September is the only set we know the name of – 75340 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (priced $44.99).

It’s worth noting that because the source for this information is in Europe, prices were listed in Euros so all US prices are speculative, much like the validity of this list.

Just because the international toy fair circuit is curtailed again doesn’t mean that there won’t be more news slipping out through the cracks. Expect to see more coming out through official and unofficial channels in the next few weeks as LEGO shares its selection of Spring and Summer wave sets with representatives from toy retailers around the world.

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