No Wookiees Were Harmed In The Construction Of These Death Star MOCs!

Over the past almost quarter of a century Star Wars has proven to be one of the most successful themes in the history of LEGO, but there are still some sets that fans are clamoring for and the din coming from the community got louder when 21332 The Globe was released earlier this year.

Instantly recognized for its potential to be moded into a new Death Star model, a number of builders tackled the challenge with gusto.

The first to release a custom Death Star build was BowdBricks, who created a 1:387096 scale model of the moon Imperial space station from A New Hope.

Basically a reskin of The Globe, this conversion uses the set’s skeleton to support the outer layer, which includes an equatorial trench (not: this is not the same trench that Luke Skywalker flew down to drop a proton torpedo in an unprotected thermal exhaust port) and superlaser focus lens.

This 1889-piece model only covers the sphere itself and does not include the base, so you’d want to come up with an alternative to the brown antique effect stand that 21332 The Globe comes with. The calculated price for this model – sans stand – is around $390.

Not to be outdone – and happy to take it to the next level – is Breaad, whose own modification reflects the incomplete construction of the second Death Star seen in Return of the Jedi.

At a scale of 1:516129, his desktop-sized battle station not only includes a redesigned stand which incorporates the Imperial logo and attachments for minifigures, but is depicted in its first live-fire exercise.

This custom model has been optimized to uses as few elements (2732 in total) as possible and can be built for less than $300, including the stand.

If you’re more of a Sequel Trilogy fan then the custom Starkiller Base model, also by Bowdbricks, might be more to your tastes. Its design does a better job of masking the interlocking plates, and the encircling trench is full of appropriate greeblies. Its higher part count (3961) means that at $550 – plus the cost of the stand – it’s quite expensive.

With all the rumors of a new Death Star coming out in the next few years, do you think LEGO will follow suit and use the new techniques developed in The Globe as a base, or do will they invent a new approach?

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